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##Domain Controller

Many people say that a domain controller is not useful in small and midsize business, they say that a domain controller is an unnecessary complication.
Personally I think that a domain controller is necessary every time a business have to manage a network of three computers or more, is the foundation where you can put future bricks, this means scalability.
With a domain controller you can centralize user accounts, groups of users, access permissions to data and services all from just one spot.
If the business haven’t a server that acts as domain controller you are lucky because add a new piece is a quite simple task, but what to do if there is already a server that acts as domain controller?
Take a look to the next paragraph.

##Starting analysis
Check list

  • client computers (PC/Notebook) are registered (joined) to a domain?
  • if a domain exist which type is: Windows server Active Directory (AD) or Linux server (Samba)?
  • how many client computers join the domain (if exist)?
  • how old is server that manage the domain (the domain controller or DC)?

On NethServer
NethServer is able to work as domain controller through Samba, clients computer can join the new domain to keep accounts centralized simplifying access management and control to shared folders, printers etc.
What to do with the old domain controller?
Two options:

A) You can replace the old controller with the new one configured in NethServer. Considering this sample scenario: old domain called OLDDOM and the new domain called NEWDOM then you can deregister client computers from OLDDOM and reregister them to NEWDOM one at a time. After that you could copy the user profile on each computer to avoid reconfiguring settings and restore local data.

B) If the company use a not so obsolete Windows server Active Directory based domain controller you can join NethServer to the AD domain using existing users and groups. In this scenario you can offer to the company an high scalability adding NethServer and its functionalities without upset the existing architecture.

Total amount of client computers should to tip the balance in favour of replacing the existing domain controller or keep it in place.

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