Migrate PDC from windows server 2003 to NethServer

Is not possible to migrate domain controller from windows server 2003 to nethserver and switch off old server ?

NS act like a NT style DC, not an AD one (but it can be member of an AD forest)

That said, if you have few clients, your best bet is to unjoin clients from old domain, join to new one and then copy all user’s profiles.

there’s (theoretically) another way… you’d copy all domain SID (server, clients) from the old server to the new one… in NS I don’t know where it’s stored, but I’m quite confident someone will tell you… in this way (I repeat, it’s a theory, YMMV) you’d migrate everything in a trasparent way…


Sorry to dig up an old post but my question is the same as the original one.

I’m wondering if the answer would be different now with NethServer 7 available?

It might be easy now but we didn’t investigate this way yet, @davidep is the right guy here

I still didn’t experiment it! However it should be possible. Who wants to give it a try and share the experience?