The purpose is to manage your crontab.

yum install

You can either use the panel to set your cron job, or if you prefer, use the advanced panel and write exactly your desired parameters.

You have now a help page


Whoa! That’s cool, I’m already installing it. Thanks to developing that’s feature request:

I’m sure that @medworthy @sitz and @JOduMonT are going to help us to test it

I love it :smile:

[root@botolo ~]# tail -3 /etc/crontab 
## cron for Clean my email every hour
0 * * * *  alessio rm -rf /var/lib/nethserver/vmail/alessio/Maildir/cur/*

BTW, this command will fail: user alessio can’t delete is own email.

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Right! Just wanted to make sure you’re paying attention :sweat_smile:

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try with ‘root’

maybe there is an issue with the month setting, since I use the Month name, the setting ‘eachXmonth */X’ is maybe hard to understand, I should add the number of the month in the translation

Thanks @stephdl

I missed you a lot :smile:

I will play with your crontabmanager and I will give you my feedback.

now the version is nethserver-crontabmanager-0.0.3-1, close of the final version


Hi @stephdl

as promised I have tried your work.
Your crontab-manager is essential and simple to use: good job and thank you for your contribution.

Just an hint: in the list page of crontab jobs I would add a column with the scheduling time to give administrator information at glance about every single job.

Hint above raise me a question: how to translate cronttab scheduling in a readable format?

I would like crontab-manager should be added to official repository and translated in every available language.


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I’d like the same, @giacomo @davidep how can we move it on the forge?
Any QA process to pass?

Well, yes:

That document does not say that the package can be uploaded on nethforge-testing by the RPM author, provided his SSH public key is in

If QA is ok, I’ll fork the original repo, add to NethServer organization on GitHub, build the RPM and release to nethforge.

BTW I’d like to delegate this last step to another person, by granting him upload permissions on nethforge, too.

Looks straightforward, what do you think @stephdl?

Might the :point_up_2: above French man be our guy?


I love when people trust in me…but i’m just a man who is riding is life…

I will try to write a much longer answer and explain the vision i have on the work i provided/ will provide.

Actually at work…and with a baby at home who steals my time

Looking forward to your vision :smile: don’t worry man I know exactly what “baby at home” means.

yum install

  • now it is possible to enable/disabled the email notification to root
  • the key is tested looking if the name is already used

I have some problem. :slight_smile:

I want to run following command every 15 minutes
llgal -d /home/nethserver_ibay/fotobanka -R -a --cf --exif Make,Model,DateTime --fe --lt --sy 400

I created a job in crontabmanager.
In /etc/crontab it looks nice:

## cron for Fotobankas apstrade
*/15 * * * *  root llgal -d /home/nethserver_ibay/fotobanka -R -a --cf --exif Make,Model,DateTime --fe --lt --sy 400

Also log shows, that it is executed:
Apr 30 20:30:02 servelis crond[27420]: (system) NULL security context for user, but SELinux in permissive mode, continuing ()
Apr 30 20:30:02 servelis CROND[27422]: (root) CMD (llgal -d /home/nethserver_ibay/fotobanka -R -a --cf --exif Make,Model,DateTime --fe --lt --sy 400)

But the process do not happen. :frowning: If I run the same command in terminal, all happens as expected.
what I miss?

Can you try to put the command inside quote ‘bash command’ with the complete path to the command

Same result. :frowning:
May 1 00:00:01 servelis crond[3711]: (system) NULL security context for user, but SELinux in permissive mode, continuing ()
May 1 00:00:01 servelis CROND[3713]: (root) CMD (’/usr/local/bin/llgal -d /home/nethserver_ibay/fotobanka -R -a --cf --exif --fe --lt --sy 400 --title “M\305\253su bildes”’)

what about if you drop a file in /etc/cron.d/llegal with inside

*/15 * * * * root /usr/local/bin/llgal -d /home/nethserver_ibay/fotobanka -R -a --cf --exif --fe --lt --sy 400