Cron, Crontab Task Scheduler

I just want to pass the ajax cron of Owncloud to a cron system task and I was suprise to not find a feature to schedule a task or something to interact with Crontab.

sitz sound have some interest too

who else ? If you think it could be a nice to have, just like this post.

If you have any preference between those cron visual scheduler
you could also vote for one of those or propose another visual.





I love the concept of a cron based task scheduler but would like to add a few ideas of my own:

  • Be able to include commands to control remote server (preferably using SSH)
  • Able to send any verbose output to a log file which then can be either stored on the server and / or sent to an e-mail recipient.
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I would like to help users with low linux skills with preconfigured tasks/operations: templates.
Template 1: restart/shutdown
Template 2: copy/move/delete file/folder
Template 3: Some other useful task

I would like to help skilled users with an advanced field where they can digit them own commands, exactly what @JOduMonT have highlighted with the red rectangle.

I think this topic is perfect for managing cron operations through Web admin interface.


@stephdl is developing it there: