Nethserver course and certification track

Voortzetting van de discussie New NethServer Site brainstorming:
With a few community members I started to develop a course for NethServer admins. The goal is to have a complete course that will get sysadmins at a level that they can safely manage a NethServer instance.
If this is successful an advanced course can be added.
Ideally this will end up in an official NethServer certification track.
I have a Moodle instance hosted on my VPS and we are developing this course there.

If you would like to contribute, you can send me a private message. I will create credentials for you so you can log in on the Moodle application and add content to the NethServer course and debate with us about the content.
Everything is still in very premature stage and all help is welcome.

We haven’t decided yet on the license. I am a strong supporter for open content, so chances are it will become some form of Creative Commons. Any input on this is appreciated too.


It would be awesome! Great opportunity to have a solid training and certificate the NethServer knowledge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I’d like to help as much as I can and there are many interesting people here who can help you!

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all aboard excellent @alefattorini @robb

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Wonderful! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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That’s great!! Keep us up to date with news please. :+1::+1::+1:

Of course I will update on the progress.



I discover this thread and I’ve got now lot of doubt…

  1. Few time ago, we had a discussion about bounties for develloping modules…
  2. We had a discussion too about repositorie, and possibility pais repositorie if I remember well.
  3. Now there’s this idea to make course and certification… A system that at term can only be viable through a paid system.
  4. THere’s the wiki that’s not be filling at all, but there’s course to be able to administrate correctly a NethServer instance.

Now I’m asking:
Where’s is the Open Source spirit?
Why make a Moodle course in place to fill the wiki?
Is the objective to make a mercenaries place?

Releasing it under a Creative Commons license is open in my opinion.
I chose moodle because moodle us a dedicated elearning platform. A wiki is not suitable for that.
I dont know what you mean with mercenaries place.

Jim, in my opinion wiki is for howtos and technical information. An elearning course is something completely different. I don’t think those 2 bite each other. And I also think there is a need for a decent course that educates to a NethServer administrator.

In all honesty, I don’t see the problem…

And about a paid system… why cant a course be free? There us a HUGE movement going on in MOOCs. Free courses, made available by universities through edx and coursera and several others. Nothing us set in stone yet, but creating a course is imo a big step forward to a professional system around NethServer.
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I totally agree, we need to do both and both are useful to increase NethServer knowledge
I think I figured out what Jim means, here we’re discussion a lot of stuff but maybe we’re less concrete and pragmatic. That’s a good point and honestly we should push this button further, actually it was the same @robb’s goal in this discussion:


'Sure, I think the wiki and courses are not bite one eachother…
I just think before doing certification courses… It lack lot of basic things.

In my point of view … wiki are basic “how tos” and technical stuff of anybody ( you can understand any sysadmin) to configure correctly and understand the phylosophy of each module ( it’s not so easy with the actual,organisation of the left menu)

Certification courses are by definition advanced technical stuff, for advanced sysadmin… with the objective to money the knowledge.( to sell the certificate, to money the knowlegde, or to money the add value).

so, making certification courses and track is simply putting the cart before the horse…

Sorry Jim, but I disagree with your point of view to certfication.
It’s not inevitably that certification leads to moneymaking.
Maybe not all, but many will do certification just for their self affirmation, without the goal to make money.
I agree with you, that in the wiki is waiting a lot of work and a more detailed documentation would be a great thing. But look at the wiki. Every month there are some documents added. As I started in march the wiki was almost empty. Now there are over 50 entries, I think. Some guys are very busy there. :heart:
I still like the idea of some kind of certification. Let @robb and his friends do some work on this and than look at it. Maybe he finds a good way to offer a free course. IMO that would satisfy the spirit of open source.
Please don’t get me wrong, it’s just my point of view.


Perhaps it’ss cause of I don’t don’t know a free certification system…
Microsoft, Redhat, all certification system I’m know are to money competences.

Add before, moneying competences… We must have more in the community.

I am not saying we should go that way, but you do realize that making good course content takes a lot of time and skills to create. Of course you can find all the information on internet. But if you want some guarantees that you get all the info you need, you save a lot of time with the learning part. Time that you can spend making money or do something nice with your family.

If you go to a bookstore you pay to get the book you want to read, right? (this also counts for the book in ebook form). Why? Because someone spent a lot of time writing that book. Writing that book is (part of) this someone’s job. The writer needs an income as you need an income.

Now we come to open content. Where do you draw the line when content is freely available and on what content should you get paid? Honestly I don’t know. As I stated before, I am very much for open content. But somewhere along the line, in order to get a sustainable quality in the content you want to offer, someone needs to spend more than just a few hours per week in his spare time to write content. Then you need people that:

  • Dedicate time to create content
  • Know how to write
  • Know what they are writing about

You can’t expect those full time writers to live of thin air.

Another option could be that people are getting time from their employer to write content. An example of this could be teachers that are eployed by a school, get a few hours per week to dedicate to writing online courses. Since those teachers are being paid by the taxpayer, imo that content should become publicly available as open content.

Another thing is, when you get certified for any product, your value will be higher. You will be able to earn more money and get a better job. So what is wrong in a payed certification track?

There are a lot of approaches we can take. If any of you have any suggestions, please do chip in. I would love to hear how you would like to see a certification track for NethServer.


Totally agree with this! Making valuable things needs time, you’re free to sell or to offer.