NethServer 8: wishlist for the conference

Voortzetting van de discussie NethServer Conference in Italy, Sept 29-30 2017:

As @davidep mentioned one of the topics for thew NethServer conference in September can/should be NethServer8. Let us start with a wishlist what we want to see implemented in the next version of our operating system.
I can think of a few options that we can produce lists for:

  • functionality
  • look and feel
  • modules (either official or community maintained)

My suggestion is to just shoot. I can add the suggestions to this topic start so we get an overview of what ‘we’ (the community) would love to see in NethServer8.

The goal is to make a longlist. After that, probably in a new topic, we can go towards a shortlist with the most wanted points.


Modules: Email, WebTop 5
The goal: Multi tenant email server (Multiple, separate domains email server), for OpenLDAP Account Provider only, managed from WebUI.
Competitors: iRedMail


Modules Backup
A realtime backup to a second server (redundant)

Modules Nagios
An out of the box solution to install with softwarecenter

Modules Groupware with Outlook (Exchange)
A solution like openchange (but without bugs) to handle exchange protocoll

Modules Telephone System
A telephone system like asterisk


Looks like a great post, we already have a lot of stuff on Feature and on that discussion

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Modules Wiki
An own wiki, which could be installed and configured by web-ui.


Modules search platform
like Solr or Elastic Search
"The best admin ever… he knows how to find every document we’re looking for…"


Elastic Search also has an analytics component. Would that be comparable with piwik?

And a great collaboration and conversation tool would be Mattermost. (opensource slack replacement)


Modules: WebContent Filter
It should be implemented through the web interface to create and edit black and white lists of blocking / permitting access to arbitrary sites for both individual users and individual computers! Without this, the gateway is not a gateway!

Modules: All modules
Do not install those modules that you do not use! For example, I do not use e-mail and I do not like the fact that amavis with clamd eats my resources!
They eat a third of my memory! It’s disgusting!

Modules : docker with ui.

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If you don’t install the mailserver module you don’t have them on your systems.

Did you see that?

What do you mean? You can already customize your white/black list

Yes after I wrote this post I found and installed it, works like a charm.
But why is it only at stephdl-repository and not available at software-center?

This a question for @stephdl :slight_smile: moving on neth-forge is still an available option.

How difficult would it be to include a feature like accessing or mounting a volume from a fiber or ethernet based SAN (Storage Area Network)?

If I am not mistaken, there is a feature to access SANs using iSCSI targets and initiators, so the real question is - how difficult would it be to develop a module for adding and managing that feature?

I realize that this would not be used by the vast majority of the community, but it would help with market penetration in certain areas where this feature would be a big plus.

With SAN (iSCSI) support you would target medium to large size companies. Although it is not the current target, it might well become a target. Don’ t forget that with larger companies, also more support might come around the corner. This can be a great plus, but also a huge risk.

But what kind of volumes can you offer with a SAN? If they are NFS shares, it would be a piece of cake to use it with NethServer. I understand that SAN is a block level device and NFS shares are File level. So in order to use a SAN as NFS share you should create an NFS volume on the SAN.
Same for iSCSI: you have to create LUN’s as targets for an iSCSI volume for a server.

It’s impossible. If a custom blacklist is created for a resource (IP address or user), then how to apply a customized white list for the same resource?
Only one mode option is possible:

    Block all, allow selected content
    Allow all, block selected content

This is so that the admins are not bored! :slight_smile:

How to give access to one site if the site is in the blocked group “Automobile” and at the same time a customized blacklist is already included, and simultaneously both the black and white list do not work? Sadness :slight_smile:

The interface of the content-filter needs to be properly modified! And it seems to me that you should not be embarrassed to take good ideas from other products.

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Hello brothers, We are convinced of achieving better accessibility for Nethserver

The living experience of our brother Aaron has turned this desire into an entire master class.

Together we can achieve this and beyond. :relaxed::sunglasses:


A couple of suggestions for…


  1. postgres deployer
  2. docker manager or, better, a kubernetes installer with backup service