NethServer 7 rc2 ISO is coming up

I’m pushing the last RPMs into nethserver-updates:

  • nethserver-httpd
  • nethserver-httpd-admin
  • nethserver-release (rc2)
  • nethserver-sssd

As usual, existing rc1 will upgrade to rc2 as soon as they’re updated from the Software Center. However the last change to nethserver-sssd requires some manual operations. I’m writing about it in the release notes.


Already done!!

Amazing speed!! Thanks @davidep !! :smile:

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3 hours ago I have finished to install NS 7RC1 as PDC-AD, from scratch …
Now I will wait for mirrors …


@flatspin: please look at “HARDWARE”. How is at you?

Update from NS 7b2 -> 7RC1 -> 7RC2

Seems to be correct. I’m in virtualbox.

Thank you.
I have this, beginning with RC1.

The server is DIY but is Intel (MB, CPU, Case). I will try with another hardware (IBM) to see.

The ISO is now available from torrent (747MB)!

  • md5 3f6d3e4feeab44847eb444042753c3db
  • sha1 ff2871474da96beab400ff14191e9437feefc18b
  • torrent hash 307C3C63283499EBF06A303594B2658640C83363

[note: the tracker “udp://” is in failure state]

[edit: @alefattorini, please paste the md5 and sha1 hashsums above in the official announcements]

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Great news" Tomorrow I’m starting to work on a new release announcement. :vulcan:


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Wow, sudenlly my memory usage dropped from 70% to 30%… :open_mouth:

Hre you are :wink:


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