System hangs during shutdown

Clean install from RC2 ISO.
Still hangs on shutdown @ “Reached target Shutdown”.

Me too, on a kvm VM, with some modules installed.

I found this page that explains how to enable debug during shutdown, but I didn’t try it though:

Do you have a KVM VM too?

Mine’s an ESXi VM.

I also followed the instructions in the referenced page and came to these conclusions:

It’s a systemd issue and needs either a serial console or a debug shell to go any further with determination.



After poking around Google for a while, it seemed that quite a few other reports of this centered around “swap”.

So, I increased the Virtual Storage of this test server so that no swap was used. Now it shuts down or reboots cleanly.

The only difference I saw was that the shutdown seems much quicker and I wasn’t able to see the shutdown messages, no matter which keys I pressed on the “console” while it was shutting down.



Thank you for your hint @EddieA!

My VM has 9GB disk space (very little). How much did you allocate?

I was talking about the RAM allocation, so that the swap space wasn’t used.