NethServer 7.9.2009 is under work

CentOS is working hard on the new release 7.9.2009.

At the time of writing, upstream is working on the installer part. You can follow the progress here.

CR repository is available to anyone and we already updated some machines to search for bugs.
Do you feel brave? Update your system and report here! :wink:

Just execute:

yum --enablerepo=cr update

If you want to follow NethServer 7.9.2009 progress, check it out on the issue tracker.

Do you think this is a good time for little changes and new defaults? Feel free to share your thoughts!


I’ve been watching this site to see the progress of CentOS 7.9. Was surprised to see it all completed on the 12th!

Looking forward to Nethserver 7.9 being released. Was curious what the timeline is to build and test Nethserver 7.9 now that CentOS has finished it’s work?

Was also curious to @giacomo comment on little changes and new defaults. What changes and defaults were you thinking of implementing for Nethserver 7.9?


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Everything is tracked here:

I hope we will have a beta release in few days :slight_smile:


When Beta is ready i will try it

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The RC1 ISO is ready to be tested, you can download it from

There are many changes in this new version, check a preview of release notes here (please ignore the look&feel).

We are waiting your tests @quality_team @greavette @Axel!


Not that this is really in scope but I was able to deploy an RP4 on the latest software and everything so far works for me with fail2ban, firewall, VPN, file share and account provider.


If you wish, you can update an existing machine with the following commands:

yum update
yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-subscription\*
signal-event software-repos-upgrade 

Just to say the above commands are for the quality team tests!

If tests are good, NS 7.9 final and generally available release is occurring next week.

Have a nice weekend :blush:


That sounds wonderful. Thank you very much!

Will it be possible to update from RC1 to the final release?

yes, it will be possible.

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really . . sooo fast?


Hi all,

As I wrote on another topic,

I am not a programmer let alone a developer, but I believe it is premature not to install NethGUI in version 7.9.
There are refinements to do in Cockpit before letting NethGUI down.
For one, Cockpit doesn’t seem to be picking up the right information:


My 2 cents,


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Hi all,

Marc clarified the situation:



some quick test:
upgrade: seems to work, on basic firewall + nextcloud + proxy + docker (pihole)
I suppose I have to re-read the changes on netdata better, I see the packages installed, but I don’t see the graphics in the proxy … I will study:)

rc1 install:
install unattende and interactive OK, with raid (always in VM) OK
i had some problems with:

Nov 23 10:29:22 ns79rc1a esmith::event[12979]: Action: /etc/e-smith/events/nethserver-openvpn-update/S10nethserver-openvpn-adjust-certs-permissions FAILED: 255 [0.010826]
Nov 23 10:29:28 ns79rc1a esmith::event[12979]: Event: nethserver-openvpn-update FAILED


Nov 23 10:27:09 ns79rc1a esmith::event[4858]: ERROR: Cannot create output file //etc/httpd/admin-conf.d/lightsquid.conf.5212 No such file or directory
Nov 23 10:27:09 ns79rc1a esmith::event[4858]: [WARNING] expansion of /etc/httpd/admin-conf.d/lightsquid.conf failed
Nov 23 10:27:09 ns79rc1a esmith::event[4858]: Action: /etc/e-smith/events/actions/generic_template_expand FAILED: 1 [0.162455]
Nov 23 10:27:09 ns79rc1a esmith::event[4858]: Event: nethserver-lightsquid-update FAILED

can someone try to replicate them? i’ll try to make some more tests in the afternoon :vulcan_salute:


Those should be still there, I will check. If not, this is a regressions.

This is confirmed, we still have a similar bug with ntopng: both app should be changed to be accessible also from port 443 (thanks to @davide_marini for reporting it).


It seems to work as expected on updated machine.
On a clean one, you need a systemctl restart netdata.
I just added a fix, thank you for reporting! → update event: restart netdata by gsanchietti · Pull Request #63 · NethServer/nethserver-squid · GitHub

We are working to restore access on port 980, my dream broke apart :frowning: Access web applications from port 980 · Issue #6344 · NethServer/dev · GitHub


NO! NO! NO! :frowning:


Now all applications should work out of the box on port 980.
We are going to build a new ISO.


Hello @giacomo,

Would this new ISO you are building be for testing the Beta? I’d like to spin up a test Nethserver 7.9 and give it a spin and help if I can.