Is Nethserver-Nextcloud 1.14.2 for upgrade to Nextcloud 20?

Hello @support_team,

I’m probably too early with my question but is the latest upgrade available in the Software Center nethserver-nextcloud 1.14.2 for the upgrade to Nextcloud 20.0.1?

I didn’t see an “Updates to NethServer 7” yet for what this upgrade is for.

Thank you.

No it is just the first part of change of behavior

NC 20 is likely to be released after NS 7.9


Hello @davidep,

Any proposed dates on when NS 7.9 will be released?

Thank you.

It will be after CentOS 7.9 release. This is their schedule

We already started upgrade tests from the CR repository.

Updates will follow soon :wink:


Thank you @davidep. I look forward to the new version of Nethserver and especially Nextcloud 20! :slight_smile: