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I sell quite a few servers and currently I seem to be selling more open source servers than Windows based servers.
Currently I use Zentyal community versions however long term it’s a poor strategy as the updates seem to be the issue (breaking the install) and with the current hysteria surrounding security I’m now looking for a Linux server that has proper support (security that is!).

I have had a look at Neth server and it appears to offer what I mainly use, namely VPN/Samba AD, dhcp and DNS. Also the internet filter looks a good utility too.

So whats the deal with Neth? I don’t expect free, even if you pay for the product you still save a fortune compared to MS as you don’t need CALS. Does one buy the server software or just elements of it and whats the deal with security updates?

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It’s all open-source. Download what you need, installing it as you need.

I’m basically in a similiar business, all my clients use OpenSource for Servers.
I run NethServer native on Hardware, but mostly a client buy’s a server (Like HP MicroServer for a SME).
ProxMox is installed on the Hardware, and virtualized NethServer is installed in ProxMox.
Mostly a Synology NAS takes care of backups - and synches the data and images to the clients home for an offsite backup.
I use OPNsense hardware for the Firewall, but in one instance a NethServer without virtualization is doing firewall, Monitoring and all server services.
UPS are usually handled by a Raspberry, configured for that duty.

This stuff is rock stable!

The NethServer Community gladly accecpts donations!
-> And is a great source for help, suggestions and such.

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Hi @quadpr5
The product is opensource and completely free with a great community. Problems are solved quickly, not only by users, also the developers are active at the community.
Updates are not installed automatically at the community-version so you can try it at a playground. But if you search for stable automatic updates and phone-support have a look at the subscription-plan:

Here is a actual discussion about subscription-plans:

If you have some ideas don’t be shy and tell us your ideas.


Hi @quadpr5 I just see your subscription request :slight_smile:
That’s our way to support the project and receive the professional support for your business.
Thanks @m.traeumner :wink:



When can I get my subscription ?!

Many thanks.