Monitoring NethServer with Zabbix

I am suggest a module with Zabbix Client and Zabbix Proxy to monitoring NS of my clients, i dont programe for help with this, sorry :pensive:

You can try install Adagios, a web interface to Nagios.

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@ibinetwork have you already tried to set it up yet? @Nas @kieronrob @tacioandrade @jelle could chip in with their experiences

The Zabbix agent and proxy can be installed via rpm CentOS directly in nethserver without headaches.
Never did the installation in nethserver, however I do not see why not run smoothly.


I´m testing and its ok, but have necessary a config agent and open port 10050, if a module with zabbix agent with install packets, config zabbix_agent.conf and automatic open port 10050 in firewall, its the best!

yes, i agree… it’s on my (always more longer) to-do list from months… i hope to find time to do it…