Need tests : nethserver-phpsettings

Accordingly this topic I made a new module, the intended purpose is to set specific PHP settings for one Ibay instead of the whole server. Of course since it is christmas, you have now a panel, with validators thanks to nethesis and specially to @davidep for their support.

Of course you have to use an ibay as the container of your website

yum install

In order to see php values, either you can use some web app that can say what are php values or upload a file (phpinfo.php) with that content and use your web browser to display it.

[root@nethserver-dev ~]# cat /var/lib/nethserver/ibay/example/phpinfo.php 

I’m also currently working on another module about PHP from software collection, maybe it will be a bundle or separate rpm, Work in progress


Thanks @stephdl, I’ll push it into nethforge-testing repo: please move the related Redmine issues into MODIFIED state, and write down any testing procedure that could require a special care!

BTW, I hope I’ll find some time to open the access to testing repositories to all devs

Sorry but yesterday night I forgot to push to git , now it is available, and the srpm is here

I wonder if a PPA model could be better. I mean some web folders where only the dev can write. Like this the developer doesn’t have the cost of a web folder/server and for you the cost is near of zero.

A web folder with write permissions by a ssh key and of course the dev will need to have a specific rpm for configuring the /etc/yum.repos.d/

I have a start for nethserver-phpscl, I will provide a rpm with a cron launched everyday to look after updates. the recipient of emails is ‘admin’. If I did that it is because I don’t want to upgrade rpm from remi except PHP54-php* PHP55-php* PHP56-php*

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Could we see something in this module to allow for basic configuration of the php.ini (eg a slider / dialogue to change memory_limit and upload_max_filesize etc.)

then you need to test nethserver-php-scl, please go ahead

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I modified nethserver-phpsettings to change the values of php in the e-smith database rather only for the virtualhost. please test and report on NS7 (use a vm please). Of course now you adjust the php settings for the specified virtualhost and/or for the whole apache server.

yum install


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Good job.
There are small errors in the Italian language files:


$L[‘Maximum execution time (${0})’] = ‘Maximum running time of scripts ($ {0})’;

$L[‘Maximum input time (${0})’] = ‘Maximum time to analyze input data ($ {0})’;

It should be:

$L[‘Maximum execution time (${0})’] = ‘Maximum running time of scripts (${0})’;

$L[‘Maximum input time (${0})’] = ‘Maximum time to analyze input data (${0})’;