Create a new sharedFolder UI plugin for WEB Settings

With apache we can set several php settings, it is the command ‘phpadmin’. I want to use the ibay template to load these commands in httpd.conf.

See the patch I propose

At least I propose to create this new settings, but we can add much more probably


For now they can be available just by db commands for each Ibay, but we can imagine a Panel in Nethgui, either in the panel of shared folder (keep it simple) or in another Place.

db accounts setprop plop PhpAllowUrlfOpen disabled PhpMemoryLimit 512M PhpUpMaxFileSize 64M PhpPostMaxSize 256M PhpMaxExecTime 0 PhpMaxFileUploads 64

signal-event ibay-modify plop

It is the first attempt, and of course all inputs are welcome

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Sounds an interesting enhancement @stephdl!

Let’s see what we have now: the actual shared folder page is designed to configure contents sharing among a group of users. HTTP is one of the available protocols for accessing the shared contents, and is limited to public and read-only access, with optional HTTP-Basic authentication. Other protocols are

  • SMB
  • sFTP
  • FTP

Setting PHP ini-values seems to focus on a slightly different problem: configuring a (PHP) web application. Other special requirements in this field may include

  • apache write access to specific directories
  • optional .htaccess files support
  • RewriteEngine rules

I’d like to keep this two tasks separate, if possible. What do you think?

This could end with an ad-hoc page in Server Manager (i.e. “PHP web sites”) or a new tab under “Shared Folders”… we’ll see!

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Well I have no problem to separate the Php settings of the Shared folder, and of course the optional .htaccess files support could be indeed a new features to add.

Then I suppose that if we separe the ‘Shared-Folder’ UI of ‘Web-Hosting’ UI, we ought to propose a new rpm with its own templates in apache.

From what I saw it is possible.

Do we need to support other programming languages other than PHP or should we focus on PHP web hosting only?

I’d like to hear from others too… Can you help us, @alefattorini?

I’d rather go with Stehpan idea, is simple and easy to implement.

Just add a “Web settings” tab to the ibay page, with proposed options plus the AllowOverride for htaccess.
I suggest to name all PHP options like PHP_option_ (eg. PHPallow_url_open), so the template can automatically map all PHP variables.

Same thing with Apache variable name it HTTPD_option_, eg. HTTPDAllowOverride.

Even if I like the idea of a more advanced web hosting panel, I think this the first step is to have something working in very little time.

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Kiss effect…more it is simple, more you can use it. I fully agree Giacomo


does someone can give pointers to the nethgui documentation

I can find that

do you have something valuable ???

Unfortunately documentation is lacking

Some links are also available from

Including auto-generated API reference and some guides (quite outdated). Please, feel free to ask here!

Well, I’m discovering :smile:
I can Have a new tab
I Have a checkbox for AllowUrlfOpen
I’m fighting against a dropdown menu :smile:

To be continued


Ahaha your’re my favorite fighter Steph! Hope you win your battle against NethGui :wink:

I’m rooting for you :wink:

If you need, just write down what you want to achieve and I will provide you a code snippet as a starting point.

Thats not fair…it is a good training…once achieved you will review and comment my work.

I won the battle of the dropdown menu


Maybe I will need a hand for the validators, I need to use php and nethgui framework, but I know none of them.

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Continuing the discussion from Today I’m working on NethServer:

Hi @stephdl! I read your pull request on GitHub and want to thank you for you work!

Before going any further I propose to merge the two “Web” tabs together: having two “Web” tabs sounds a bit confusing to me. This is the current Web access tab:

The “Allow .htaccess” and “Force SSL” checkboxes could be added under “Protect by password”, and the PHP options, inserted into a collapsable “Advanced PHP settings” section.

Folks, what do you think?


I Thought about that, but the only ‘cons’ I had is that you will have a menu where you must scroll down if you want to activate some settings. Of course it only depends of the size of your screens…On my TV all is fine :stuck_out_tongue:

@stephdl what do you think if we put this parameters into the core, so directly into web access panel?

  • force SSL option"
  • enable .htaccess

All other Web Settings could be moved into a new modules for nethforge, called for example nethserver-websettings
Could it works for you?

I prefer one tab for web access.
Also, the various adjustable parameters are in two different classes:

  1. SSL and htaccess are features of the i-bay
  2. all PHP vars adjust an app behaviour

So, I’d keep them clearly separate. I see two options:

  1. move php to a section called Advanced or PHP in the Web access tab
  2. add SSL and htaccess to web access and add a PHP tab
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@filippo_carletti The option 2 is quite good for me, one tab for specific http settings, another for php settings. That’s Kiss.

@alefattorini All can be done concerning a module for that, but I modified some core rpm so it needs to be integrated or designed again.

@davidep could you help steph to do this?