My Community Talk at Nethesis Partner Meeting

Folks, I’m talking about YOU last friday :wink:
Ehi @xmechanic @jelle @AZChas @medworthy @stephdl @AbsyntH @sitz @etino @mabeleira @WolfAddict @gerald_FS @fasttech @jgjimenezs @gsiotas @vcc @Tohid_Tamboli you were on air! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s Italian-only

The latter enterprise part was given by @giacomo @davidep and @filippo_carletti

Recording is coming soon thanks to @nrauso

Just uploaded by @nrauso


Thanks Friend. @alefattorini

Hi Alessio,

Pretty cool! I don’t understand Italian, but I am sure it was a good
presentation. :slight_smile:

I still owe you guys some pictures from up here in the high desert
mountains of western New Mexico, but I have been pretty busy and also
had 3 teeth pulled out and some other dental work last week, so I wasn’t
worth much all week. :stuck_out_tongue: I actually DID get the pictures taken, but I
need to find some time to get on the forum and upload them.

NethServer is working well, and I noticed there is more features
available in the software section now with the last update. Still having
spam issues, but I think it’s more a problem with SpamAssassin and the
fact that I have had this domain for almost 8 years now.

Anyway, have a good day, and I will talk with you soon!

Dave Land
Land Computer Service


Thanks guys even i don’ understand much italian

I’m a big fan of spam. Could you please zip some of the spam mails in eml format and deliver them to me for analysis?

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Please reply to this :wink: with these amazing pictures!Gila National forest

OK, working on it right now! :wink:

Recording has just been uploaded check it out on the first post

@alefattorini, Just wondering if you had a transcript of the presentation that could be translated into english?

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Nope, but I can try to transcript it :wink: directly in English…


One of the greatest phrases ever

I Love this Video! :heart_eyes:

I didn’t do it.


I’m pretty sure YouTube allows loading a subtitle file. @nrauso do you think we can provide it?

I’ll try to workin’ on it, @davidep :wink:

Hi @alefattorini,

What do you think about of making an English version of your slides?