Moving from Zentyal 3.4 DC to NS7 DC (AD) at a medical institution

Dear folks we´re trying to move our old little bit corrupted NT4 Domain to a Samba4 AD in a hybrid Linux/ Windows Client architecture.
Dec. 6th 2016: As our Zentyal´s DC is corrupted we have to take action quite fast.
So we´re planning first to set up the NS DC and then one by one transfer the Mail, the network drives and finally the mysql DB (EMR) to the NS- what we did´nt had was a collaborative SW like Sogo and we´re thinking of dropping Thunderbird on the Clients. Also great is the opportunity of using OwnCloud instead of dropbox and eventually we will move to Sogo/OwnCloud for timetabling and address data.
One Problem in the last setting have been the server based profiles in a hybrid client architecture, and as our EMR need a network drive embedded, which worked quite well an the Windows clients, but always was a problem on the Linux clients, I´m eager how that´s gonna work.

Dec.20th,2016 So actual news are- we started to copy the network drives, configuerd the NAS Backup, but found out in a test environment, that RC2 as everybody now knows had a problem with generating the AD domain- so everything back again. As RC3 except Sogo (or is that already solved?) is working, we plan first to install a NS7RC3 in our network, configure the network drives and copy the files from the old server to the new one, configure backup, all without activating the DC and then moving the machine to a different virtual network. There we want to change the IP to the same, the old server had, activate the AD DC. Create the users with server based profiles, which is working as far as we´ve seen with Windows Clients but still has to be tested with the Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 clients. Then we have to copy all the Mails thru IMAP (Thundbird Clients) from the old to the new server (a little bit of router config necessary). The Old profiles which we backed up are restored after we put back the new server in the old network, after switching of the old server and after we connected the clients to the new server.
Not to forget- we have to move the mySQL Server as well.

That´s the plan and we hope we can do it on a weekend.
For further suggestion I´d be grateful.
How will behave further updates?- We´re already discussing update politics, when the system is running.


Please, remember the nsdc IP address cannot be changed from the Server Manager once nsdc has been started. Perhaps a manual procedure exists but I wouldn’t go with it :wink:

Thanks for remembering- that´s why we´re first plan to move the shares, before NS becomes a DC (sorry for the mistake), because there´s so much Data on the shares, that we prefer to move them in the same network.

I don’t what you exactly mean, but we are always trying to get give users a smooth upgrade path. And, whenever possible, without manual intervention :wink:

Please, note that there is no documented procedure to change nsdc IP address yet.

In my experience, sometimes sysadmin sets up the server at the office and move it to the clients where he needs a different IP
Having this procedure would be handy :slight_smile:


We will have it :slight_smile:


It does not seem so easy:

The official samba wiki has been just updated!

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It is possible to change the IP as long as the NS is not a DC- isn´t it?

I thought as a consecutive procedure- copying the shares to the new NS, then changing the IP and finally making it the AD-DC- that should be possible isn´t it?

So- NS7RC3 ist online after unattended Installation- Networkcard configured static. Software installed, Sogo patch applied; Master password in Nextcloud changed (the admin account is open after installation with Nethesis,1234); updates running. We have a Ubuntu gnome Client set up for copying the data from the old Zentyal to the new NS7.
Still to do- creating the shares- then we can start to copy the data.
configuring the backup on our NAS- already done on a NFS Share absolute easy.

Yes it should work. Installing DC after creating the shared folders requires a “reset permissions” and disable guest access on each of them.


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So a little update what happend.
I created the shares on the new NS7rc3 which is not a DC at the moment and copied the shares thru a Ubuntu 16.04 from one to the other Server. Unfortunately there have been some trouble with some of the files so I´ve to figure out how to get them from one to the other share.
Now I´m planning to move the mySQL Database of our EMR- therefore I need phpmyadmin on the NS7 which worked like that: and
To be continued…
By the way- does somebody knows, if NS7 backup includes those mySQL files?


Great project you have there …and a lot of work :sweat_smile:
For the files you may use rsync.
IIRC mysql backups are stored in /var/lib/nethserver/backup/mysql/

Out of curiosity do you run any Free Software/OpenSource Hospital management software, like GNU Health, OpenHospital or HospitalRun?

Thank´s for tip. So I´ve to think about, automatized backup for mySQL datas.
And no, we´re using some Java App named Aceto working on Windows, Apple and Linux ( ) but experiencing with openEMR ( ) which is web based and really fascinating and we already used it in documenting during the refugee crisis last summer. I´d prefer a web based app, because nothing else then a browser with net access is needed on the client side, but at this stage it does not fulfill our needs.

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So that’s what I am going to try.
For the mysql backup. It is really fascinating, at last there are so many solutions already here. Thank you all for your work.

That also worked perfectly. No failures until now, but still copying.

Mysql are backuped by the nethserver backup module and restored with the restore module.

With my module automysql backup only the backup is automatic (once a day), restoration is manual.

I needed it because when a mysql db is corrupted I prefer to restore the db backup rather to restore the whole server


Good to know. So I won’t need another backup.