Moving from Zentyal 3.4 DC to NS7 DC (AD) at a medical institution

Belt and suspenders :wink:


So- we´ve done the transfer of the shares via rsync.
Next step is generating a copy of the mySQL DB: export with standard settings from mySQL 5.5- transfering to new server and importing MariaDB- is making trouble. More tomorrow.
Next is a snapshot (VM Ware) of both servers.
We also now plan to draw outlook pst dumps of the mail accounts for each user, which we will reimport at the new mail server tomorrow.Therefore we have to reset all user passwords.
In the meantime we´re closing the smtp connection at the router, so no mails can come in and get out during movement of the mailserver.
Then we can shut down the old DC (Zentyal) and activate the NS7 after changing the IP and making it a DC (AD)- creating the users, mails, activating the mailserver. Incorperating the windows clients (which should be easy. clearing the old useracounts on them and playing back the userbackup. Then we´ll set up the Ubuntu GNome Clients put them in the domain, als playing back the user profiles. Doing the roaming function for windows and Linux Clients.
Testing the whole stuff.
Will be a very long day tomorrow…wish us luck please.
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As part of our new clients will be dual boot machines (Linux for “normal” clients and WIndows for those using medical software, which unfortunately exists mainly and only on Windows 32bit sicc! platforms) this guide to regulate the booting

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Integration of Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 Clients is another Topic- a lot of tipping on each of the clients- so probably we’re going to do that (only working on Windows clients, but why not, we do have them.

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So everything different- tough we are working tomorrow, we only upgrade the VM-ware today to 6.5 so that we can see our RAID controller working and get rid of some nasty HALT action of one of our servers due to driver incompatibilities.
Then we’ll have time until new years eve for the big stuff.
But we will keep you informed! :cold_sweat: :joy:

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What are your needs? Can you be more specific? We have some experts on Ubuntu Clients around

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I do have some experiences with Ubuntu 14.04. It really depends on how you want to integrate the access (only shares/login accounts/SSO with Kerberos, etc.). If you need a second thought raise an hand :raised_hand: :slight_smile:, I may not have all the answers but I will work with you if possible.


Thank you so much- I’ll be raising my :raised_hand: probably soon :grinning:

Another question- has somebody experience with integrating Nethserver mysql into mysql workbench- because It was no problem with the old Zentyal server, but I get a failure with nethserver (I’m using a tunnel with different IP ranch, but the network is trusted in Nethserver and network service is set to green/red). The root/ password combination is working in phpmyadmin!

Just solved- wrong privileges with user root at mysql!


And that’s a great tool for migrating mySQL DB’s from one to the next server- much easier then via myphpadmin!

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Great report on your progress here. Can you do a wrap-up when you are finished?
I just did the first migration from Zentyal 3.2 to nethServer 7RC3.
I took the ‘easy road’ and just did a backup of data from shares, installed NS7RC3 and recreated the shares. Also recreated the users There were only 5 so I didn’t bother to backup Samba AD.
Only things to handle are: Gateway/Firewall/IDS/Proxy and Printserver, but can’t do those until the server is back on the location of my friend due to network limitations I have at home.
I was lucky the server had a spare network interface, so I could use 1 Green interface to connect to my own LAN and configure the other Green interface as if it was on the LAN of my friend. Samba AD module is also bridged on that Green interface so it will be available as soon the server is live in his office.

Today my own Zentyal 3.2 Server is due for migration.


I´ll try. As usual it´s always much more work then thought. Yesterday we needed more then 6 hours (!!!) to upgrade our VM-Ware on the 2 Servers from 5.5 and 6.0 to 6.5 until everything again was online.
So Database is moved now, Shares are moved (we had to work yesterday and today at the medical record, so we had to resync everything again (easy with rsync).
So we still have to do a further test and then we will backup the mail accounts- for which will will now use IMAPsize ( ) much faster then Outlook/PST.

Indeed! Very interesting for us and as Robb already said a full guide would be AWESOME! :slight_smile:
Again, thanks for your sharings :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Next point - we could´nt take a client into the domain in our test environment.So what we found out- you have to configure the virtual network-card in VM-Ware to accept the second IP the DC needs.

Hi - did you see Zentyal released version 5 a couple of days ago :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat - my Zentyal server kept mounting all disks as read only, and as I was tired of waiting for Zentyal to release an upgrade, installed Nethserver instead. I’ve had NS running on a virtual machine to try out before - just wasn’t quite ready to do an install a couple of days before New Year.

I also had Nextcloud running on my Zentyal box - the web interface to Sogo does look nice, but I don’t know if you’d need both Sogo and Nextcloud. Nextcloud lets you share calendars, tasks, contact info etc. The only thing it does not do that I’d like it to do is subscribe to external calendars - Google calendars, for example. Or it didn’t - there is probably a new version by now. I haven’t used Sogo as my day to day mail/calendar, though.

I have installed CalDAV-sync and CardDav-sync from Marten Gajda ( on my Android devices and it works well. Nextcloud recommends DavDroid, and I put that on my wife’s new phone, and it is okay. I think I prefer the first two, but not by much.

Anyway - I’ve set up my machine, and am about to enable the Samba AD. Before I press the button and pray, is there anything specific I should make sure I’ve done first? And is there a way to get back to a snapshot of the present system - should it all go bad?

If it does go bad, can I just install the OpenLDAP server over the top and have it work? I don’t really need AD, just like to be able to say ‘oh, my linux box can do that … what is that license management you speak of?’

Take a look at this:

Anyway, please open a new topic if you need further help :wink:

Does anybody has a clue how to make a share “executable”?- because on at least 3 we do have files that must be executable for our software to run.

It’s exec by default, unless you did custom modifications to partitioning and/or fstab.

You´re absolutely right- it´s obviously a windows shit- can I manage group policies somewere and were´s the netlogon.bat?