Mattermost: open source, self-hosted Slack-alternative

I used Slack over the last few months and it’s an amazing tool for the teamwork but it’s closed and not self-hosted. is a great alternative, some interesting features:

  • several Realtime Integrations
  • LDAP integration
  • good mobile interface
  • One-line Docker Install

And also:

All your team communication in one place is pretty interesting to replace or improve our current “jabber” experience:

I’d like to play with it on once “NethServer + docker support” will be ready



If you look for a self-hosted project managmemt app:. Take a look here:

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It’s not a project management app at all :smile: but a messaging app for team as chat and realtime communication replacement

We believe that 1) internal messaging–across PCs and phones, with file sharing, archiving and search–is a vital layer of IT in a “post-email” world, 2) the platform for internal messaging needs to be open, and 3) that we wanted Mattermost to be the leading project to serve as the open layer for internal communications.


Why all people afraid Jabber? It is free and very simple to maintance. Maybe we need dig more dipper in our Jabber to make it more precious.


I love Jabber but I’d like to look towards a web-based and modern alternative :smile:

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So Hangout, a jabber based tool is not a good alternative :cold_sweat:

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I think these are the vital options that distinguish this tool from other tools (including jabber/hangouts). I think that archiving and sharing through the application is very important to be able to create a transparent community.

A collaborative tools… Like Agora-Project

Take a look here too:

How about Jappix, web based chat.

No bad, I’d like to give it a try :slight_smile:


I’ll just leave this here.

Thanks, nice. But I want Mattermost not slack :wink:


news on this? i’m tryng mattermost at work and i love it! very useful!


Are you interested too? :slight_smile:
I don’t know how to approach this software:

  • docker module?
  • fresh install on NethServer with CentOS/RHEL rpms adapting ngix instructions on apache?
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Now, i have a VM with debian :persevere: with mattermost :frowning:

It is a very powerful software and will be a great addiction on NS For teamworking…do you agree?

Are you kidding? I totally agree with you.
Ask to @jaapvdv! We might start from the docker module following a centos howto. May it be the correct way to tackle mattermost?

Well I tried Docker but did not like it.

I really prefer a solution where I can ‘limit the number of eggs in a basket’. So my choice has been to go for a separate ‘one trick pony’ VM with Mattermost. It would be really great to have Mattermost added to the arsenal of NS.


@alefattorini , Are we gonna going to be looking at mattermost on NS7…

This works wonders and really kicks Donkey, with clients instead of skype or Slaack…


Some weeks ago I tried the docker installation on NethServer and it worked like a charm, just following this:

Great piece of software for Team collaboration!

We can try also this for a production environment