Weekly welcome to new members - 6 Mar 17

It’s a new week NethServer family, and you know what that means. It’s time to welcome all of our fancy new members!
If you joined in the last week, welcome to the NethServer community. We’re so thrilled you found us and can’t wait to get to know all of you.

If you haven’t already, you can get started in the group by commenting below and telling us who you are. You can share:

  1. What you’re working on?
  2. What brings you to NethServer?
  3. Do you need some help or resources on NethServer?

Looking at you…


What can I say: more minions heading to see the light! AWESOME!
All new members, don’t be shy, introduce yourselves! Ask questions, chime in with debates, either technical or social. Even community related because this community is about us all. Every voice counts!
Jump on this amazing bandwagon called NethServer and feel at home.

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Hi Everyone,
Thank you for the warm welcome!

My name is Alex I am from canada,
I discovered opensource about a year ago and totally fell in love with the concept. ( I know, took me awhile!)
I was looking into monitoring solutions and stumbled across so many different opensource projects.
Since then I have been looking for software that can replace paid alternatives (ex: Slack, Microsoft anything, Monitoring)

I recently found out about Nethserver and I really love it, I have a small company and can’t afford to pay licenses for microsoft windows server.

I have been using Nethserver as a DC for a couple of days so far and I am really impressed.

I am a system administrator in a mostly microsoft environnement.
I have been working on my linux skills for about a year now and I am looking to get certified this year.
Linux and opensource is now a passion for me and I read about different projects and train myself for about 10 hours a week. I would be honored to help the nethserver community with testing and feedback!

Thank you for having me!
Sorry about my english, french is my first language.


We open source :slight_smile: so make yourself at home

Like Mattermost?

:grin::grin::grin: We are proud to have you here. How can we move forward and improve your knowledge?

As French it is great, my English sucks. Don’t worry /cc @stephdl

I have been looking into mattermost, it looks great. I am testing rocketchat at the moment!
I didn’t get the chance to play alot with my nethserver DC so far but any tips regarding:
Samba Directory & Shares
DHCP with dynamic dns updates
Limitation of RSAT tools with nethserver?

Would be appreciated.
That is the main thing I will do with nethserver atm.
I didnt get a chance to look at all the features yet, VPN is definetly interesting!

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Sure the french community is a bit tiny, but it is growing.


How does it look? I’m a huge fan of Mattermost, I hope to see it on NethServer soon.

Its pretty good, the best thing is that all the features are free.