Long time to shutdown

I am getting this mesage when trying to shutdown

A stop job is running for Mariadb database service

I am running in a Virtualbox VM, , takes 5 minutes or so to shutdown.

Hi @wbilger,

found some links about having this problem when the disk is full, could this be the problem?

Unfortuanately no, I had found that as well.
It does not take 5+ minutes to shutdown every time, but I would say 95% of the time.
I have multiple NS servers, this one happens to be a home server running no more than NextCloud, but this happens on my work production and test servers as well. The one thing in common is they all run NextCloud, wonder if that is the issue.

Here some tips to debug slow shutdown.

I followed the instructions. The shutdown -f command shuts down the VM immediately.
A normal shutdown takes 5-10 minutes. I uploaded the shutdown-log.txt file here;

I have the same error:

Running nethserver on proxmox VM.

The strange thing is: mariadb not seems to be running!

Any suggestions??


Edit: By now, I just edited /usr/lib/systemd/system/mariadb.service and chanted TimeoutSec=300 to TimeoutSec=30.