Link nextcloud to samba users home folders

how can i link nextcloud files into samba users’ home?
so that i can access my nextcloud files from something like \mynethserver\myusername\nextcloud

cmiiw, samba do not follow symlink, otherwise i would do:
ln -s /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/myuserid /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/ibay/myusername/nextcloud


I never tried it, but even if possible, I wouldn’t do it:
samba and nextcloud run with different users and very different permissions.

If you use the Next/ Own Cloud client, you´ll find your files in your home directory- nothing more to do- and the advantage is also, that you can use several owncloud accounts at once. That works in Windows as in Linux clients (for Apple I don´t know).
I use this solution because it gives the opportunity to move files and folders from one cloud to the other.

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nextcloud will let you mount samba shares as external sources, using the users username and password to access the shares. If you are using an AD or LDAP server for credentials, they can log in automatically to their samba shares. Next cloud can also use Samba to authenticate.

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You may try with CIFS external storage management (login through NextCloud with username/password will be used for access to SAMBA).

You should enable the Apps:

Then in Admin panel, you should go to External Storages:

I’ve tried on NS 6.8 and it works pretty well and seamless, not sure if it works with NS7 + SAMBA AD.

I would ask @giacomo to elaborate his answer, because if this is the case I may also overlooked the security point of view.


Your solution is pretty good, I didn’t know about it. :wink:
The problem would arise only with direct access through the filesystem.

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Nextcloud offers also a webdav access

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workable for ns7 and samba AD

nethservertest is the domain
/plop is the sharefolder name is the ns7 IP (not the nsdc container)

the user/password is retrieved from the nextcloud login, as a side note nextcloud does an error with the admin user because you have two passwords for the same user

  • Nethesis,1234 for the internal admin
  • yourPassword for the sambaAD user

So when you save the parameters you have an errror, logout and try with another user. Log is in /var/log/samba/log.

does it is valuable to work on it ?

For the record you have an issue on GH for nextcloud and samba shares

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Tried it without luck. Did you do it and how does it work?



What exactly are you trying to connect?
Directories (Shares) on your NethServer?

SMB works well with NethServer/AD, both for generic shares and the users home directory.

This also works well connecting to shares on a NAS, no matter if the NAS is AD connected or not, both work.

I use this at home and for almost all my clients. No issues so far… :slight_smile:

For my admin at home, connection to home share on NethServer…

Note: You DO need to allow users (as Nextcloud admin) to make External Storage connections. I limit users to smb connections.

My 2 cents

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Hello Guys

My falt at trying it fist there are two menues with external Stoarge. One in Files -> External Storage but there is the place fro external files of admin.

The connecition to thew external Files are in Settings -> External files …
There are all fhe stettings to connect the external file severs…