LDAP Access from Green Network


I have been trying to access the LDAP server of my Nethserver installation without success. I have done a clean install of Nethserver, created an OpenLDAP server and made some test users. If I access LDAP from the server itself (localhost) it seems to be fine, but if any other machine on the network (green) attempts to connect it fails. I think it may be as simple as allowing external connections to the LDAP server. From what I can tell the service and ports are open to my green network.

Ultimately what I am trying to do is have a user database on Nethserver be available to authenticate users from several network devices including a Nextcloud instance running on another machine. When I copy the LDAP settings from the Nextcloud instance running on the Nethserver itself to another machine on the network running Nextcloud the connection is lost though of course it works perfectly on the server (Nethserver) itself.

Is there a default or obvious setting I am missing to allow connections from other machines on the green network?

For clarity;

I am able to get a few things working but cannot get the bind username and password to authenticate. I can browse users with LDAP admin from another machine. Admittedly I am new to this but was hoping Nethserver would make simple user authentication possible. Apologies in advance if this is not as clear as required

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Hi Dave,

With the ldap accounts-provider installed you probably find you’re looking for at Domains accounts

Hope this helps


Hi Dave,

in this post you can find screenshots about remote LDAP settings for Nextcloud:

It does. If both servers (LDAP and the Nextcloud) are Nethservers, it’s really simple because after configuring the account providers on both sides, Nextcloud is configured automatically.

Thanks for the information everyone. Does the “ldapservice” user only work locally? If I try using the credentials under domain accounts it appears to fail.

Basically if I copy the settings for LDAP from the Nethserver Nextcloud and use them on another machine running nextcloud it fails. Maybe ldapservice is local only.

I’ll continue to try other port and Bind DN /password combinations

It should work with ldapservice.

You may try ldaps and port 636:

Thanks for the picture. I have mine set up that way as well and I keep getting connection to the server is lost messages. Totally confused but thanks for helping

You may try to use dc=directory,dc=nh instead of the LDAP domain name:


Here’s some information about service accounts and connection methods:


You may check the nextcloud logs for more detailed error messages.