LAM - LDAP Account Manager

LAM (LDAP Account Manager) is an LDAP management user interface, similar to phpLDAPadmin. I configured it to manage my local Samba4 AD accounts provider.

Note: I installed also Roundcube, some PHP dependencies could be pulled by it.

-1- Download the Fedora/CentOS RPM from

-2- Install the RPM

yum localinstall ldap-account-manager-5.6-0.fedora.1.noarch.rpm

-3- Go to https://<serverip>/lam, click on LAM configuration

-4- Click “Edit server profiles”, the default password is lam

-5- In a shell type the following command to get the current NethServer setup:

[root@vm5 ~]# account-provider-test dump
   "startTls" : "",
   "bindUser" : "VM5$",
   "userDN" : "dc=dpnet,dc=nethesis,dc=it",
   "port" : 636,
   "isAD" : "1",
   "host" : "",
   "groupDN" : "dc=dpnet,dc=nethesis,dc=it",
   "isLdap" : "",
   "ldapURI" : "ldaps://",
   "baseDN" : "dc=dpnet,dc=nethesis,dc=it",
   "bindPassword" : "secret",
   "bindDN" : "DPNET\\VM5$"

-6.a- Copy the values above in the server profile form

-6.b- Scroll down, fill security settings and save

-7.a- Go to “Account types” tab, and fill the form like the following screenshot. Then save

-7.b- Edit the “Modules” tab, by selecting windows modules, then save

-8.a- After saving, the login form is displayed.

-8.b- Log in as “admin/adminpass”. This is the result

Additional information is on TFM:


Hum…where is the module :stuck_out_tongue:


The new version 6.4 of LAM - LDAP Account Manager has been released!


Inspired by @corum in this thread I tested LAM 6.7 and a newer PHP version (>=5.6) is needed so I used nethserver-rh-php71-php-pfm.

At step 2 of the howto I additionally did the following:

yum -y install nethserver-rh-php71-php-fpm rh-php71-php-ldap

Add the FilesMatch/SetHandler to /etc/httpd/conf.d/lam.apache.conf at line 9 so it looks like this:

<Directory /usr/share/ldap-account-manager>
  Options +FollowSymLinks
  AllowOverride All
  Require all granted
  DirectoryIndex index.html
  <FilesMatch \.php$>
      SetHandler "proxy:fcgi://"

Restart relevant services.

systemctl restart httpd rh-php71-php-fpm

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I see hundreds of clicks on the links above… We have an audience!

Is It time for an RPM? :yum:

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Could help a lot have a module…

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I feel closer now to using LAM. I followed mrmarkuz posting and installed nethserver-rh-php71-php-fpm rh-php71-php-ldap
made lam.apache.conf the same and restarted httpd rh-php71-php-fpm
now i see
(https://x.x.x.x/lam/graphics/error.png) Your PHP has no imagick support.

Please install the imagick extension for PHP.

so i had to install php-pecl-imagick and rh-php71-php-devel
pecl install imagick
then install mlocate to find the via updatedb and locate php.ini
nano /opt/rh/rh-php71/register.content/etc/opt/rh/rh-php71/php.ini

Now i can see login screen :slight_smile:

Again, thank you for your help mrmarkuz :slight_smile:

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