It is ejabberd (several PRs have been done for have a better application in NethServer)

Some mistake about ejabberd, several PRs have been done:


Can you validate it?

There were changes by “admin”.
I can publish links, I have moved the link to the main post.

Thank you @Neustradamus for pointing this out. It is highly appreciated you make us all aware of these points.
You might have noticed it is not possible anymore to open new bugs on github for the nethserver project. This has been done to avoid discussion on multiple places. We would like to invite you to do the discussion here on our forums. Please tell us here what you have found and what you think is necessary to fix the problem.
The technical progress will be mentioned on Github, but, again, discussion is preferably here in our forums.
Thx again for your activity and additions. Please continue to point out problems and possible enhancements.


This message has been ignored?

I have done 3 PRs for solve problems without reply!

Can you validate my PRs?

Yes, we can not publish new ticket on the github.

Hi @Neustradamus
Be asured your messages are not ignored. In fact, they are highly appreciated!
@davidep @giacomo Can you comment?

I have: “This topic is unlisted; it will not be displayed in topic lists, and can only be accessed via a direct link”

I will publish remarks/questions/problems/features here.
It is really hard to speak with team.

In feature part:
There is a problem, I can not publish a message in feature:
“Sorry you cannot post a link to that host.”
-> I can not link to github ticket, software links…

For some reason the forum software marked your topic for review. I cleared the topic so it is listed now.
I had a look at your account and gave you a bit more clearance for the forums. You should be able to post links now.

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Hi @Neustradamus and welcome to NethServer community. I’m happy you accepted the invite and respect our rules about issue tracking on GitHub.

Please, take some time to review this community rules:

I understand you have many good points and ideas to improve NethServer: please report them respecting to our rules.

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Again a problem:
“You’ve reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 23 hours before trying again.”

Thanks, I hope that my PRs are good.


And thank you again for contributing with patches.

Give us some time to review them. I’m working on a feature discussed one month ago :slight_smile:

The forum platform sets some reasonable limits for newcomers to prevent abuses. Please be patient and consider also that people needs time to reply with a good answer.

This is important to improve the value of our discussions.


The patch to dnsmasq configuration, UI labels and README ejabbed fixes were merged and are now available with nethserver-ejabberd-1.5.1-1.ns7.noarch

Fixed UI labels were pushed to Transifex and will be available from future releases of nethserver-lang.

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Thanks for your validation about little changes from my previous PR to nethserver-ejabberd and a password problem.

I have done a new with all explainations:

Do not forget the nethserver-fail2ban PR…

Hi I will check it ASAP

Relative to ejabberd, could you please just change the translation string and not all the name vars.

I mean make a pr to


it doesn’t bring important things if you change name of vars, except probable future issue.

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No problem with name of vars, I have already changed all.

You need to change in Transifex and sync with nethserver-lang :slight_smile:

The PR for fail2ban has not been merged ?

@stephdl Can you do?

After there is:

The password bug is always here and not only for ejabberd, Roundcube too, maybe other too: