Is NethServer really going this way?

Is NethServer really going this way???

Hey Team-Nethserver, wow is Nethserver 8, really going the way it is. I havent been around on the forums for a while, been involved in voip and more ISP, MSP but Of the about 50 installs I have done, I am now having the clients come back to me. And I looked at the new nethserver 8.

What was the whole logic behind clusters. and rocky linux,

well, After much deliberation and the no-more availablility of ISO’s. I have to look for a All in one solution, that doesnt have to be clustered.

Of the 5 Educational institutions, that I set up and they are well still on 7.9 and wont be changing, however 2 are looking at another software?

Is this going to be the end of the road, just like centos???

Will it only be sa multicluste

WHat do you mean by the End of the road? its only the begining.

Centos 7 is coming to End of Life on June 2024, i bet you are aware of that.

what then is supposed to happen to Nethserver if or when that Happens.

The developers, thought it wise to (with the current state of Centos) Rebuild the Entire PRoject, with Migration support, but implement it in a manner that makes it Distro agnostic, that way, if you dont like centos or its cousing, you can jump to Debian and so on.

WHile NS7 was great, the great dependence on the base os too much came wit its own issues, plus with feedback from the community, they implemented NS8 to be cluster ready, meaning you can have 3 clusters, One running AD, the other one running MAil and tools, while the other one with large storage running mail, with the same dashboard for management and many more, which makes it easy to manage as an admin.

oh, and no one is stopping you from running more than one AD / LDap (i think)

@clinton its not the end, but its the beginning of something more beautiful.

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Long story, Cliton
@oneitonitram summarized it well, we needed to change and did it with a BIG step toward the future.

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You can still do it with NS8.
The clustering feature can be used to extend an installation, but no one is preventing you to use only one node.
We think that most of the installations will be single-node ones.