Call for Meeting: NethServer 8 Alpha - 25 Feb 2022

Hi folks
as you already know we spent a lot of time working on the new release called NethServer 8
The time has come, we can update you about the entire project and tell something about the next step. :heart_eyes:

We’d like to organize a NethServer 8 meeting on

This is a small draft of the meeting agenda

  • live demo on what we’ve done so far
    • new fully responsive UI
    • cluster UI
    • software center UI & API
    • backup UI e API
    • CentOS Stream 9 support
    • Debian support
    • domains e users page + API
    • account provider discovery
    • centralized logging
  • what we’re working on
    • test automation
    • cluster backup & restore
  • roadmap and next steps
  • how to create a new module for NethServer 8 (kickstart & co)


The NethServer Dev Team

Are you going to attend?

Let me know if you wanna join us. Please sign-in the community

  • Yes
  • Maybe

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Wow! So many people already registered :slight_smile:
Let’s go NethServerians!


Just a little sneak peek! 79 participants so far


Are your ready for today? 15:30 CET

This is the link

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We can start in 8 minutes :smiley: click the link above


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Meeting slides

2 + 0 + 2 + 2 + 0 + 2 = 8

Thank you!

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Will NS8 have functionality for reverse proxy, web server for standard website and web app installations, as well as a DNS system. in this case a full DNS

@alefattorini do you have a record link for those who have missed the event ?

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As FAQ say, firewall services are Missing And Not in Development.
Which will be the future for these functionalities?

Hello everyone but so if I understand correctly with nethserver 8 the advanced firewall features will no longer be present

Steph is working on a LAMP-like module for ns8

The core does not provide any DNS service. That means there’s room for a DNS module, and even more alternatives.

The video record will be available soon, stay tuned!

As said by Giacomo during the meeting, those features are out of the scope of ns8, but there’s still a future for those functionalities in another project. I hope it will be still integrated with ns8, as the multi-node paradigm opens new horizons.


I started to tag present and past forum threads about NethServer 8 with the #ns8 tag.


Hi all,

I followed the guide and installed on Debian-11 => working as shown in the meeting this morning.

Still a long way to go, but this is alpha-0.

Thanks to all the dev people !



I was extremely happy with what was shown and i think when it comes to things like firewall some things to consider

  1. most people are putting neth behind a dedicated firewall, imo i think it’s more secure and less complicated (then having to having say opnsense and nethserver with separate firewalls which can cause unnecessary headaches)

  2. this is an alpha version

  3. as this is containerized it shouldn’t be hard to in the future add a firewall in a container later.

  4. by not having to worry about firewall the nethserver developers can concentrate on getting the core stabilized for real world applications


It’s exciting to see the direction NS is moving in–though part of me thinks that NS8 is different enough it might need a new name.