How's going with NethServer 8?

I am actually pretty desperate to have a REAL NS8 update somewhere.
To know things still evolve etc.

For outsiders, NOT looking the community forum, but looking at the site, the Facebook and Twitter account etc. …looks like a dead project.

We really need a progress update for non-developers.
Even the github of the “how to install NS8” pages is mostly dead (I think it had a single edit last month? Or am I wrong).


I don’t understand the question, because the current alpha version is not meant for “outsiders”. If you don’t even want to take the step to become an “insider”, to stay in your lingo, you should rather leave it alone and wait until the software is fully developed.
On the contrary, I think that information aimed at end users should only be given when the platform is released for productive use. Otherwise, I see a flood of support requests from “outsiders”, which unnecessarily ties up the limited resources of the developers.

But to answer your question:
I have a basic system running Proxmox with 8GB RAM, of which 34% is used. The actual usage will depend strongly on which packages you install.


Don’t give up hope, the project is making progress and that is publicly available from NethServer · GitHub

Apart from social networks where everyone can post information about the project, it’s true that we don’t publish anything in the #announcements category since February '22, and the News link in the web site points there…

Maybe it’s time to give some signals of the progress of NS8. Just to start, I hope people that met at FOSDEM last Saturday want to share their impressions here, to continue the discussion publicly.

I think an update of the system requirements doc page is needed as well. But I remark that documentation is for developers and we’re still lacking the Admin’s manual completely.


I personally understand this statement. From a marketing perspective in a competitive market (either Linux distro <-> Linux distro, Windows <-> Linux, Greenfield <-> New users, New tech <-> Existing/old tech))

A new slogan and some sort of market update could help? (tweets/website/Facebook for the non techie sevs like reporters)

“NethServer is an operating system for Linux enthusiasts, designed for small offices and medium enterprises” could be more informative sexy and appealing for ‘Linux enthusiasts’ sounds like a geek in the attic, ‘small offices’ and medium enterprise’ sounds contradict. So what is it is this SaaS, containerised, hit or miss, hwo to invest smartly in tech and knowledge in a sustainable way’, future proof world?

Me acting as an advocate of the devil.

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At least some people got what I am trying to say.
I am not saying it is a dead project, I am saying it needs to start LOOKING like a live project TO outsiders too (or plain users or future customers or whatever you like to name them).
I fully disagree that it should “pop up” to the public when ready.
Do you realize what 2.5 years since last official release looks like in IT years?
(and people that haven’t installed 7.9, don’t realize the regular small patches and updates happening)


You are right, we need to release to find the last bugs but it is a bit too early. We have two ns8 in a production cluster now at the headquarter of Nethesis.
Principally for (I may forget or not aware)

I am actually working on ejabberd and I did the UI of webtop with many other webapps


To be able to answer ‘what’s cooking’, ‘we’ need to let those into the kitchen show them how things are made. A blog, regular Tweets, Facebook page?

Updated and recent use cases on ease of use, reduced TCO, flexibility, reducing complexity, amazing capabilities, black box principle, on and off premises usage (e.g. cloud). ?

To me the latter (cloud deployment) is key for it reduces on premises hw and staff and opens up SaaS possibilities with NS as a basis. So we circle back to use cases :slight_smile:

And yes, I agree, using the big privacy slurping Alpha’s, beta’s and Meta’s is not exactly what we want to use, but it IS what the makes the world go round today.

Just saying!


I agree we need to show what’s cooking a keep people updated.
That’s all my fault. I hope to get rid of some commitments and get back to those things


I respectfully disagree. Nobody is at fault. Re-arrange workload and focus at the most :slight_smile:


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Hey guys, i see that Nethserve rhas reached Public Beta, NS8 project | Trello
anyone tested it out.
@giacomo how has the prodcution run with the Nethserver in your offices been so far.

I am curious, will the Enteprise Telephony service available with Nethserver be available in NS8 soon, and if Yes, will it support multiple PBX instances on the same server, with some form of routing with same, or even multiple IP address for SIP trunks the related polcies.

In the mornign Ejabberd was in progress, now i see its been completed, cool.

TIme to be testing again.

Wait! The beta is still not out, in the board you see all tasks that should be implemented to reach the beta :slight_smile:
Of course we are going to announce it when it’s done.

Yes, the PBX will be available on NS8. For the first release probable we are going to support only one PBX per node, but we have plans to add the support of multiple instances on the same node.

It’s going very well, even the migration worked without pain.
For now, we faced a bug only during Nextcloud latest upgrade but we are working on it. :wink:

I am curious also, how would one go about Implementing this: Crivaledaz/Mattermost-LDAP: This module provides an external LDAP authentication in Mattermost for the Team Edition (free). (

Into the new Mattermost Module available in NS8

Mattermost ldap, coinsidering the instalaltion process are different and this one is container based

It could be done (I’ve tested it) but it’s hard to maintain in the core since is not officially supported by Mattermost and could break anytime.
Still, if someone want to contribute as a module, I have no problem to help the integration :slight_smile:

Maybe we could start with a complete NOOB tutorial for building a NS8 module.

would help grow the commuity.

you could also build is as a community module, just leave it outside of the core functions, for whoever needs to make use of it,

Am also curious, there was talk of creating a module migration tool, that would convert all community modules from NS7 to NS8, is this really feasible to be done, woulc it be done, or all modules have to be re-done one by one from scratch.


interestingly Nextcloud already have v 26 BEta out.

is it upcoming soon, and or are those tasks for public beta all done.

Maybe this is an option?

Or even better to the ‘outside’ Twitter and FB world (just an example):

And it would also help if the regular updates could be published to Twitter and FB (Updates for NethServer 7)

And indeed, looking at the existing Twitter account for Netherver, it seems dead (last post 2019)

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Anything we, as community, can do to get things going again?

Give me some time to kick off an important project so I can propose a plan for this

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new documentation page