Introducing new members on community - 30 Mar 16

Helloooooo NethServer people!

Happy new week (I’m late as usual) and welcome to all of our newest members! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrated!

One of the things that I always find valuable when joining a new community is getting an idea of what other people do. It helps me to make connections and to find the right people to bounce ideas around with.

If you’re new here, this is your chance to say hola and tell us a little bit about what you’re working on.

Looking at you @sharpec @julianosmi @critermax @bkroening @AlecM @bwdjames @raghoo @NikoTeeN @Donato_Guariniello @a4rgl @Jon_Alf @servevirtland

  • What specifically are you working on at the moment?
  • What brings you to NethServer?
  • How would you like to be involved in our community?

EDIT: we’re now 705 members :smile_cat:

Thanks for the warm welcome!

I am currently setting up new home server/gateway as a replacement to the current distro (yes @sraellis, we both which one that is!) that I have been running.

I and looking for different options with regards to distros which is strong on file serving and group collaboration rolled all into one for implementing at different non-profit organisations.

I would say, helping people in the community on different topics and creating howto or wiki articles where appropriate

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Are you referring to ClearOS? Would you mind adding your opinions here? :smile: I’m curious to know your feelings

Are you working for a non-profit organization? What do you do for a living exactly? :slight_smile:

Strangely enough - yes, I was referring to ClearOS which I have been using for the past couple of years sinec version 5.1

I shall look at the NethServer vs ClearOS posting and add my thoughts and opinions in there.

I actually work for a Managed Solution Provider in the Small Office Home Office department, I provide technical support for email and web hosting as well as dialup, ADSL, FTTC and Leased Line connectivity.

I also provide part time IT support for the church I attend as well as another non-profit organisation my parents are part of.


Hi everyone, thank you for welcoming me.

We provide WiFi Hotspots, VoIP telephony and Conferencing facilities to well known International Hotels and other hospitality venues and I am responsible for the design, installation and support of those systems. We use Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, and soon lots of Nethservers!
I am trying to convert our Support members there are other, more reliable operating systems and desktop versions than Windoze. So with that, I converted a few desktops to Mint 17.3 and for the last month working on the setup and test of Nethserver as our preferred server at all our locations. Currently just a few (<15) users on this box at this office. Used for: server/gateway, email, OwnCloud, Dolibarr ERP, and VM to test with.

Why Nethserver - we tried Zentyal and SME etc., but Nethserver is more suitable, does exactly what we need it for, and unlike some others, no reboot is required when adding/modifying something. That is a big bonus on a production server.

Anyone wishing to have a similar setup as ours is welcome to ask how we did it (and I have to say, it is not difficult with Nethserver!) I would like to assist in any way I can.

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Ehi James, happy to see your face now. So you have a lot of expertise on ClearOS, I’m keen to know what do you think NethServer vs ClearOS. Clearly, take your time :slight_smile:

Ehi Rich,
thanks for replying to my call and great to see that you’re heavily focused on testing NethServer :smile:
Definitely jump into discussions and feel free to start your own!
Excuse me but what’s Dolibarr ERP?

Do you have any plan for coming NethServer installations?

Yes please, I’m very curios about your installation

How would you like to be involved in our community?

We use Dolibarr for customer relations and to help with stock distribution, see here:

The Nethserver here is for administration of the business, as an email server and to store vendor files, firmware updates, logs, etc.
The setup here is: Internet--------WAN [Nethserver] LAN------switch--------Desktops (Mint 17.3 and Windows versions).
The install was made using a downloaded ISO and we followed the online documents, added the users and then connected it all up. It worked first time, no problems. After a few days, we then added ownCloud using the Software Center, and about a week later installed Dolibarr.
No users knew we were doing these additions, and there were no complaints - we never took it offline.
I can give feedback on our own Nethserver installation and performance, but based on the last month using it ‘live’ we intend to deploy more Nethservers at our customer locations soon.

Have you installed it on NethServer? Would you mind sharing your notes? They can be helpful to someone else. :wink:

Yes please, I want to know more about it!

We installed Dolibarr ERP on Nethserver using a shared folder, for LAN users only, following the instructions in the file found in the Dolibarr download from here:
It takes less than 30 minutes to setup, and has a good WebGUI where the main parameters can be set.

There are only LAN users (<15 users) for this, and we use it to keep customer records, stock control, etc, but Dolibarr has many other features we do not use. We chose it because we have a mixture of Windows and Linux clients, and all have no problem using the Web interface, in the popular browsers (Firefox, Chrome, etc) The performance on both Mint 17.3 and Windows desktops is quick; we have shared folders for keeping plans, drawings and site photographs - about 400Mb per customer and there are 511 customers - that can be accessed by all users at anytime, and we do not experience any slowdown or problems with Nethserver.

This office has a Dell PowerEdge 2850 with NethServer release 6.7 (final) and is the gateway, email server, print server, 5 shared folders (see above), VPN, ownCloud, Dolibarr ERP, and VMs. Not a big workload, but VERY reliable, and easy to configure.
We are impressed with NethServer when compared to others, and this is the best by far.


That’s so interesting! Would you mind to create a small howto on this? People expert in ERP could be interested in @alexcsilva @JOduMonT

Sounds great!