Hello, zentyal refugee here, with a couple of questions about ClearOS

I have many zentyal installs, and am comfortable with the ubuntu / debian world, but I have a couple of clearos installs as well, just upgraded to 6.6, I wonder, is that coincidence? Since I see that nethserver is at 6.6 now, about the same timetable even.

So, most importantly, what, other than the gui, is different about nethserver compared to clearos?

Is nethserver really only on owncloud 5 as the documentation states?
Does nethserver support user integration with owncloud, ie file shares and owncloud user the same?
Clearos offers a paid module for owncloud, is that nethserver’s model?
If nethserver is really still on 5, I don’t see anything about it in the forums, has anyone done a manual install or upgrade to 7 or 8 even, without breaking the entire server?
On ubuntu zentyal I was able to easily install owncloud though it was ‘standalone’, not integrated into the gui.

I’m only asking these questions because I’m becoming weary of spending days configuring and testing to find gotchas even as easy as spinning up a vm is.

Welcome on NethServer community @fasttech :slight_smile:
6.6 is the CentOS/RHEL release on which NethServer/ClearOS are based

NethServer compared with ClearOS has an installation much simpler and is much more adherent to the standards of CentOS. We don’t try to recompile anything and we try to completely follow the evolution of the software upstream, hence if you find an howto for CentOS you can use it on NethServer and a software installable on CentOS works easily on NethServer
Under the hood NethServer is based on template, action and events so is rather different then ClearOS, maybe @filippo_carletti could explain better then me :wink:
They are two products with many objectives in common, we already know ClerOS guys! Really smart people!

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EDIT: i don’t know ClearOS very well so take it with a grain of salt :grin:

I don’t know about simpler installation, in fact I was surprised there’s no dhcp option, but the gui is certainly slicker and more friendly, intuitive.

You might want to change the ‘header’ on the management page to something other than Example Org though, maybe NethServer. :slight_smile:

ClearOS has limitations in Community version unless you pay, whereas NethServer does not, this is an open platform that is being developed constantly. It being similar most GUI driven distros tend to give you the same features, which the developers are trying so hard to not fall into that pitfall. The general idea is to give a distro that has features where NethServer gives the best of what is out there and does it in a stable release that satisfies the community.


Do you have tried unattended installation? It’s in dhcp mode :wink: