I will try to build Nethserver for ARM

Hello, I’m United States, I’ve used SME for a long time, but I want to move to newer tech so when I’ve seen Nethserver, I’ve knew it can be awesome. And when in my association our SME server started to bug because of an very old SME, I’ve take the opportunity to migrate to Nethserver. So I use Nethserver for one week now, and I like it. I work on CentOS/Fedora for a very long time, so I really like the base of Nethserver, and because Nethserver respect the CentOS spirit it really great for my work. It’s quite possible that I will try to build Nethserver for ARM (Graperain G3288SOM) for little server with arm cpu and sata.


Hi Steffie, you’re welcome!
That sounds like a great plan, I connect you with our @arm_team right away

Thanks for validating our intentions, it tells us that we’re on the right track. :relieved:


Hi @Steffie_Chou_Grapera

You can read some interesting topics about ARM:
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You can find more by searching in this forum.


hi @Steffie_Chou_Grapera welcome on community.
i’m glad to know there is interest in the ARM port, i did not know the graperain, do you know if centos 7 work on it?
we are working on NS7 on raspberry, this is wiki page:

let us know how the porting proceed, we can share experiences in the arm world :slight_smile:

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Tagging @Loboexe here. If I remember well you play with Raspberry too, right?

Hi Alessio

Yes I play with Pi’s ( I now have 6) and Arduino’s, I have 4 of those plus 4 arduino clones called Motino’s that have built in wireless comms (not WiFi) so lots of projects all part built…

Good, would you like to help us with our Arm spin?