Building Arm Team

First, big shoutout to our raspberry pi experts :slight_smile:
Talking with some of you the idea of a new team is came up! Today I’d like to officially start the new Arm Team which will be focused on

  • port NethServer on arm
  • build up new features and modules
  • look for feasible user cases

Coordinator: @mark_nl
Team: @dz00te @jackyes

Someone else? @Tom?

Next Step: a hangout with @mark_nl me @filippo_carletti and anyone who wants to be in.

This is the likely agenda:

  • status of NethServer on Raspberry PI
  • build system / mock configuration
  • feasible user cases?
  • how can I contribute?
  • plans for NethServer on ARM

I wouldn’t mind taking part in the first hangout to see how I can contribute


Good, we will schedule the meeting as soon as we can. Any preference about time/date?

For me not on Tuesday(s),
prefer something in the late afternoon say 16:00 (= 14:00 UTC)

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This is where I scratch my head as I am not too sure myself and say that I am available this weekend from 9am to 6pm and potentially after 8pm Monday through Friday next week (UK Time Zones of course)

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Are you in some way available before 17 UTC ? Or only after?

During next week, unfortunately not as I am in work and its the last week in my current job role before I start somewhere new so I can’t get time off

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How are you placed for the next week? Would you be free to meet up? Wednesday 5 p.m. CEST
@mark @bwdjames @filippo_carletti

2nd day of a new job, don’t think I can make it then as its 4pm UK time and I will still be in training…

Sorry for the late reply, had to check my schedule

Unfortunately i am not available.