FOSDEM 2023 at Bruxelles

Just started :rocket:

First seats in containers devroom


Blacked Eyed Peas singing “Let’s Get it Coded!”?


It is a real fosdem it is raining


I have a stange feeling that it is now BEER-O-CLOCK…

:wink: Enjoy guys!


Cross-post ahead:

What do you think guys?

ns8 rocks specially ns8-ejabberd


We succeed to make a live demo of the product, something really on the fly without failure, start from a rocky linux and install the cluster followed by the account provider. The talk has been an Question/response between developers and fellow members of the community.

What a pity that we cannot meet you at the fosdem23 @NLS I would be pleased to share with you


We get the proof that we must not use anymore centos … we are beta testers

Public money for public code

To build a community equality is not enough, equity is better

I bet nobody else knew that Nethserver was giving a demo or even present?

From a marketing/product POV It is always smart to ‘warm up’ your target and new audiences :wink: Especially since our kids grow up and are getting used to a ‘cloud only’ mobile first world. None of them know (or are interested in) the difference between on or off premises or the word firewall. EVERYTHING is simply an app on their phone, tablet laptop.

Don’t leave out our OWN AGE in making considerations… Remember Betamax and VHS!


Hi @LayLow

Kids using a Laptop? Phone & Tablet I agree, but a Laptop? :slight_smile:
They seem to be allergic to anything you can’t operate with two thumbs…

We’re getting older! Maybe even a little wiser…

My 2 cents


Painfully true… :slight_smile:

For the record we do each time at the fosdem a community room where we can meet us together.

Beyond that the fosdem event is something that everybody should test. You will see people that in your life you cannot meet.

For example we met mr starkhov the developer of rspamd. He was our guest are our community rooms and we shared a beer after the dinner.

Please come at fosdem 24

Fosdem 23 has been one of my best fosdem, thank to all whom made it possible


It was fun…


Alessio was not part of the Nethesis special team?

No but we got Lucia, @alefattorini we missed you. Next time we want a stand at the fosdem to evangelism people to NethServer

We have one French, we have one Austrian, we need Italian and spanish guys

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You don’t feel that both codegrappler like Davide and Giacomo could grab some fans?

I couldn’t make it this year but 2024 I will there for sure.

  • stand + speech could be a good combo!

Even if the distribution stands look very competitive :slight_smile: