How's going with NethServer 8?

Just a thought here. Would it be fair to say that Nethserver is a name that no longer covers the load? No longer do we have we have a ‘old school’ server, but actually a SaaS platform providing all kinds of services and being extendible, distributed and HA?

So my thought is if we should we reach back to old school descriptions for a ‘stand alone’ server which was perfectly valid a while ago, but today maybe the naming convention and positioning should be reconsidered?

2 cents…



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From the docs:

Is there a preference among these? Or is any of them as good as the others?

And is it, or will it be, possible to migrate from OpenLDAP to AD as an accounts provider?

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Let’s call it NethService :laughing:

I personally prefer CentOS stream for development and Rocky Linux for production

No, I think it’s not possible due to different and incompatible password encryption schemes. But I might be wrong…

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Any roadmap available?
Any matrix of NS7 service vs NS8 service and status of implementation?

The roadmap link is still Trello

It is frequently updated

I don’t know of such comparative document now but for the first stable release I expect the admin manual contains it.

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don’t like centos stream but I could be wrong

alma linux should be fine

must admit I do not use often debian

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@giacomo could you share, when easible your notes on implementing and running this particular module into NS8 and having it work with matermost. would provide a good starting point.


NC 27 has been already released Nextcloud 27.0.1 · Issue #6757 · NethServer/dev · GitHub :wink:

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oh what a wonderful thing.

its interesting that you can update individual componets on the nethserver dashboard, i hope that feature carries forward to ns8 as well.

Thank @giacomo for the NsC 27 Update.