File Server / Shared folders module available on NS7

:checkered_flag: The “File Server” module has come back on NS7 and is now ready for testing :relaxed:

:clock: RPMs have been pushed also to “nethserver-updates” repository and will be available from mirrors in the next hours

Me, @giacomo and @Stll0 worked on the “Shared Folder” page with Virtual Hosts and AD Domain Controller role in mind. These are the results:

  • The “Shared folder” page configures only Samba shares; the “Web access” panel has been moved to the (work in progress) “Virtual hosts” page
  • User authentication, Extended ACLs and group ownership are enforced only if the server is member of an Active Directory domain
  • If the server is not member of AD, the shared folder can be accessed by anyone as guest from LAN.
  • Changing ACLs or owning group affects only the shared folder itself
  • “Reset permissions” button copies the shared folder permissions to its contents recursively

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@davidep is that one from 6.8 implemented also in 7? Hide samba share

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Yes Mate!


Ehi any suggestion for this new page? We need your voice here, there’s still room for improvements.
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