Shared folder Posix ACL snapshots

Continuing the discussion from Create a new sharedFolder UI plugin for WEB Settings:

One limitation of the current handling of Posix ACLs in the Shared Folder page is the “Reset permissions” action.

If there were some special permissions set by a Windows network client through Samba, “Reset permissions” clears them. Only default permissions and settings from ACL tab are retained.

I was wondering if we could add a new feature consisting of

  • a new button, Take ACL snapshot, that stores the actual Posix ACL into a file (by running getfacl?)
  • restoring Posix ACLs from the snapshot file during “Reset permissions”

The benefit of this new feature is: the admin can shape the permissions at his desire.

@giacomo, please review this proposal as this could be related to the other post.

“Reset permissions” is needed when the user screws up ACLs from Windows interface.
It should always reset permission on a clean and consistent state.

I like the snapshot feature, but I bet 90% of the sysadmin will forget to take a snapshot when needed :smile:
Maybe we can simply document how to do it from the shell.

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We have resolved this issue, now ACLs are never modified editing shared folders properties