Ejabberd 21.07 to have a better Instant Messaging / Chat / Communication server

ejabberd 21.07 is the last current build, it is time to update, currently it is only 20.03 :slight_smile:

Since more one year: A lot of improvements and bug solutions, the more reasons are:



18 years of ejabberd:

How to set up ejabberd video & voice calling:

Getting started with WebSocket API in ejabberd:

eturnal v1.0.0: say hello to a new STUN/TURN server:


Other articles:

Dear @Neustradamus,

It is very clear to us you like to see Ejabberd updated to the latest version,
you did the right thing this in this post. :+1:
And it is good to mobilize the community to get behind this request. :+1:

Bumping up every post, some of them 5 years old, wont help your cause and is harmful to the community. People may think this 5 years old issue/solution applies to their situation;

In short: stop doing this !

Next time ping people who you think are users of the package and might be interested too, like:
cc/ @Neustradamus @mark_nl etc…


I deleted every post from Neustradamus and suspended him. As you mentioned this is not a good practice.


On one side, i can partially understand the updated version eager of “a favourite package”.
On the other side, the way he/she decided to “lobbying” that seems to me not a good one (as a polite way to say that).

Maybe Ejabberd “latest incarnation” could be a gamechanger to NethServer. Hassle every topic IMVHO is not.