Docker support on NethServer 7

support to docker cofcofcof

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what do you mean for support here?

a docker webUI :smiley:

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or whatever :slight_smile:

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I like the idea, but we need to focus a little more on the target.
I think we can easily integrate and existing web interface, but then you wouldn’t be able to access the container because the firewall blocks the port.

I’d like a very very basic web interface integrated in the server-manager. The page should:

  • display the status of a container
  • start/stop containers

The whole part about pulling and configuring the container should be done using the shell.
Even for a really simple page like this one, there is a lot of work to integrate a container in the system:

  • register a container as system service
  • integration with Shorewall NAT rules
  • new e-smith database with relations between containers

I bet I still something big :smiley:


The Docker Compose tool manages container links by itself.

Edit: discussion follow up