What about Docker on NethServer 7?

Who has a deep knowledge about docker? How can be useful on NethServer 7? What goals and use cases?
Please share your skills :wink:


No knowledge about docker? No one? Unbelieveble :smile:

Luckily we have Docker! It would be great if someone contributes with experiments and shares knowledge!

ownCloud is the typical example of application that requries latest libraries, thus can’t run with the official libraries on NethServer.


@fasttech, @alep do you want give it a try?


I don’t know a lot about docker… It’s seem like the jail concept in BSD.
If it’s really the same thing, I think it could be a great security improvemnt in Netserver, separating de gateway rule with the server rule(s).

Ummmmm… I don’t know Docker but my quick scan of the docs makes me ask, doesn’t NS already have a module to server as a virtual host?

If I were to install Docker and then the Docker oC image I don’t see how the usefulness of an integrated oC in NS is present because the oC Docker image wouldn’t be integrated into NS users and groups anymore than it would be if I just installed any oC iso into a vm under NS.


I mean using docker for have the last owncloud version? It may be a way… We need to go deeper

yes absolutely
but it’s not easy task (well, at least for me :wink: )

  • docker doesn’t support centos 6 (while a not so old version can be found on epel) so i don’t know if it’s worthwhile make test on nethserver 6.6/7
  • probably some work must be done to shorewall config to integrate docker0

but i think it could be a great addon, keep us updated

You’re right, it seems like the Docker support on RHEL 6 is not guaranteed even with the new kernel in 6.7 and the new docker-io 1.7 package in epel-testing.

I hope this is not the last word:

The Red Hat provided, maintained and supported version of Docker is only available on RHEL 7.

…and, I agree, Shorewall integration with Docker is not easy but perhaps we’ll find a solution for it.

just for testing purpose… is there an easy way to add all docker0 to trusted green zone?

Perhaps should be listed into /etc/shorewall/interfaces

To simplify, we could start by assuming Docker is not available on gateway servers!

This point isn’t quite clear to me, do we need to move Docker support to 7 only?

Yep! It seems we can only play with old Docker versions on 6!

NethServer rule #1: follow upstream :wink:

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yes i’m in server-only mode…
tnx for the hint… with a new search i found

last post, but on centos6 in /etc/sysconfig/docker, other_args instead of DOCKER_OPTS.
now finally the owncloud container can contact the ldap on host…
but i need to study/evaluate docker for work so i think i’ll start to do some test on centos7
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Do you remember? NethServer 7 alpha1 is waiting for us :wink:

Good, please keep us in touch if you like to move forward on NethServer 7 could be really helpful.

yes i remember, the vm is up and running (i like the alpha/beta stage :grin: ) ready to test docker… one info on nethserver rule #1:
on centos7 i can install docker from:
1: Docker (recompiled from RHEL 7) is included in the CentOS-Extras repository (docker.x86_64-1.7.1-108)
2: a more up to date version of docker, on the virt SIG repository (docker-1.8.1-5.git32b8b25)
3: from docker repo (docker-engine-1.8.1-1)
so the preferred way on nethserver shoud be the 1st option, right?
and… there also other rules? :slight_smile:

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I’d prefer the one from RHEL.

I don’t know why the virt SIG has its own QA process and provide a more recent version. The point is what does the SIG compile? RHEL or Docker?

…and of course there are other rules (and exceptions), I love exceptions :grin:

I was hoping Docker will be in NethServer
I’m exploring Docker these days (doing a Online Course)
Rancher give a nice interface and propose apps : http://docs.rancher.com/rancher/latest/en/quick-start-guide/

Looks amazing. Managing Docker in a easy way would be awesome. How are your test going?

BTW happy to see you still around man.