Discourse-Translator++ is active now

As suggested from some of you I just activated Discourse-Translator++

Now you can enjoy with topic like this


Courtesy of Microsoft :grin:

jajajajaja cierto @davidep

The plugin works only with the Microsoft Translator

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No hay problema @davidep @alefattorini no creo que ese plugin nos de una pantalla azul LOL.



@translations_team debemos tomar en cuenta nuestra manera de escribir para que la traducción sea entendible.


Como = As
Cómo = How


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Es muy interesante, y me parece muy útil. La advertencia que haces @jgjimenezs nos permitirá cuidar nuestra redacción y ortografía.

Es muy importante el habilitar para la comunidad una guía en nuestra Wiki acerca del uso de esta nueva herramienta de traducción.


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Hi Alessio. Thanks for this addon.

It is very important to document their proper use, advantages and limitations.
A few moments ago - behaving like a child with a new toy - I came this warning

GetTranslationsArray()Message: Cannot find an active Azure Market Place
Translator Subscription associated with the request credentials.message


Edit: In this vein I want to recommend an extension for Firefox and its derivatives has helped me to overcome the “Tower of Babel” effect and also to learn more of each language, including same Spanish.

S3 translator https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/s3google-translator/

Me ocurrió a mi pero le volví a dar y funcionó.

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:smile: I think I read while we were talking to our multilingual communication solution with @dnutan and @alefattorini, something like that:

Use with haste … not as often

Either way it is a step forward :thumbsup:

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