Default ISO passwords don't work


Somewhere on this site there is my other topic, regarding the same issue. It’s says “solved” but it’s far from solved…
If it were solved, this post wouldn’t be here.

It’s quite simple: The default password doesn’t work.

What I do:

  1. Download the NethServer 6.7 ISO from
  2. Put that ISO on my ESX datastore
  3. Make a VM for NethServer (most of the time I start with 2GB RAM and 2x vCPU)
  4. Install Nethserver
  5. After install, reboot and so on
  6. Ask myself about 9 times: ‘why the heck, does the default password not work???’

That’s all I do.

Solutions that i’ve tried:

  1. Typed the default passwords (1234 of Nethesis) in al kinds of configurations
  2. Searched the manual for a hidden easteregg or clue about what the heck is going on with a pre-fab ISO.
  3. Give up (again) because nothing works.

So… There is a lot I can say to fill up this post, but this above is the entire point.

I hope you guys can help me or fix the ISO.

With kind regarts,

@alefattorini this is the post you were asking for.

Every new vm I’ve ever fired up of Nethserver has used this;

User name: root
Default password: Nethesis,1234

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test your keyboard, maybe you are in qwerty mode

That’s the old topic:

Also, if you want to set you own password you can install it on a clean CentOS :smile:

Nice, but doesn’t work with the ISO’s I download…

My language is ALWAYS in United States International (with dead keys). On Windows and on VM’s.

Which I don’t want to do. I want a ready to use package…

A corrupt iso download?
Have you checked the sha1sum?

$ sha1sum -c nethserver-6.7-x86_64.iso.sha1
nethserver-6.7-x86_64.iso: OK

I’m sorry if I can’t help you with this strange issue but may I suggest you a different attitude? :smile:



Sorry what do you mean with a different attitude? Could you explain?

Re-read all Tom’s posts, here and in Dutch team, please raise your hand topic, and you’ll understand me :wink:

BTW, see U tomorrow :smiley:

yes be ready please

SHA1 value is exactly the same as the ISO I’ve downloaded.

I’m on Windows, so I had to download something :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t want me to sound so harsh, then you can’t face the truth about my common sense and stuff… Stop reading my posts if you can’t bear it…

@SilentDecode let us have a look on your issue , please provide us with the vmware cred to manage vm

So from the very beginning :

  1. Mount downloaded ISO from the site below:

  1. Please see the login credentials.

    User name: root
    Default password: Nethesis,1234

  1. Use default credentials to log in.


  1. Reset VM or Server and press any key.Than Press “e” to edit.

  2. Press “e” to edit KERNEL parametr.

  3. Add init=/bin/bash at the end of the line and press ENTER. Finnaly press “b” to boot

  4. Next run mount to make sure that / file system is rw , if not run mount -n -o remount,rw /

  5. Run passwd to change root password.

  6. Reboot VM or Server.


please provide us with the vmware cred to manage vm

How do you mean? Do I need to provide credentials of my VM??? If that’s what you mean, then no.

I’ve installed Nethserver maybe 30 times over the past year… Every time I install from the ISO, I cannot log in with the default credentials.

Great fun, that ‘bootloader editing’, but it would be nice if the ISO worked great from the beginning…

Just redownload iso from the site.

Then what? I’ve downloaded it over 10 times… It’s not going to change anything…