Dutch team, please raise your hand

After @jgjimenezs asked to have hangouts to coordinate translations, I would like to ask all Dutch translators to do the same and maybe even come to an appointment for a hangout.
@Lincee @jelle @Erwis What do you think?


Also @reconnect @Jonathan_Mos @CasN @SilentDecode @hanvandewal @Longhair @Wrrr10G @s_vansleuwen might be interetested

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Sorry for bumping but maybe @reconnect, @Jonathan_Mos, @CasN, @SilentDecode, @hanvandewal, @Longhair, @Wrrr10G, @s_vansleuwen, @Lincee, @jelle and @Erwis missed the call for help.
Can we make an effort to complete the Dutch translation? It would be nice if we could meet in a hangout (or skype, or IRC chat or whatever…) to get acquainted and make some decisions about the translation.

As stated in another thread, still evaluating various options. If I choose definitely for Nethserver, I am willing to help out with the translations. For now too busy testing (plus Dutch, although native language, always sounds a bit strange to me in this world).

Thank you for the comment, I can agree on your remark of Dutch translation sounding a bit strange in the professional IT world. But I think we have to look at it with a broader view. As an MS SBS replacement, the target audience is often SME’s with limited ict personnel. Often English is a problem, even in the Netherlands and Belgium.
Then a high quality translation of NS would be a huge advantage to make a simple to manage server possible.

I agree. I just have very limited time right now, focussing on Loomio at the moment as translation ‘job’. I will keep an eye out for NS and Im willing to help out. It’s indeed a bit lower on my prioritylist because I won’t be using the Dutch version of NS myself…

Thank you for tagging me. But to translate English to a crappy language on a server, is not really my thing. The servers I install will ALWAYS run on stock English.

Is Your language crappy? :smile: I can’t get it

He probably forgot a word: crappy translation… and that’s exactly what you can change @SilentDecode:smiley:

I really hate the language ‘Dutch’. It’s full of bullsh*t grammar and it’s even a difficult language for the Dutch people…

No, just give me American English and I’ll be fine :stuck_out_tongue:

No, the language itself is crappy. You can translate evrything, but I prefer English. I just hate the language ‘Dutch’.