December Community Hangout

Ehi folks,
I’d like to see your faces again :slight_smile: we can continue conference topics or governance.
Which day/time do you prefer? Unfortunately, I can’t do anything after 18 CET and saturday/sunday all the day
Just let me know your preferences so I can setup a new doodle

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December 19th or 21st or 22nd anytime between 10:00 and 16:00 CET would be good for me.

Weekends I am unfortunately busy.

Otherwise I am usually stuck to around 17:30 CET onwards for a weekday.

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For me it’s not working before 16:30 CET. At this moment 12th to 16th December is possible. 19th is ok to, but also not before 16:30.

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I’ll be there anytime except Tuesday and Thursday.

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We can try with a Monday/Wed/Friday at 17.30 what do you think?


Yes, I would like it

Done. Pick up your date :slight_smile:


15 Dic looks a great choice. @ambassadors_group ? @danb35 @planet_jeroen @iglqut @des @EddieA @asl @Andy_Wismer @a4rgl @pagaille would you like to join? I really want see your faces :family_man_woman_boys:


15 dec is the only option for me since I work until 18.00h each monday and wednesday. I am home around 19.00h on those days.
If you go for the 15th, I can join. Looking forward to that!

Community hangout … what does it mean?

Is that like a big conference call or a live event ? Is there a link to how that works ?

Me too, same question: What is a community hangout?

Sort of multi-conference video-chat to meet each other and talk primarly about nethserver. Everyone is free to join (number of participants could be limited by video streaming resources)…


Hi @asl
Hangout is the ‘tool’ we use. It is a Google service and you need a google account to use it:
If you know of any other service that can serve as a live (video) chat service (without data grabbing companies looking over ouw shoulders and preferably open source) please tell us!


Why is that not a Nethservice yet? :smile:

I’m looking at webex. Not free for the host, but free for participants. The subscription model could pay for the service and be a real friendly way of having users join a call from wherever when they need support and you require talking and explaining over and forth. This is not on my shortlist tho, so investigation is preliminary.

If an open-source alternative exist, I would like to know as well.


If I filter on I get some options as opensource replacements:
I see BigBlueButton wich also is widely used in educational solutions. So I would favor for that if it would come to NethServer as a module.


…if that could be integrated in asterix, so as to accept incomming regular landline calls into webhosted meetings, depending on bandwith cost and thus how feasible it would be to self-host, would be fantastic.

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There’s also apache openmeetings. I used these tools some time ago, don’t know how they developed. But replacing Hangouts and providing meeting software integrated in NS would be really nice.

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This would be awesome!

What about using NethConference? Would it be suitable?

Doh! The one day in the list (18th December) that I could potentially make it as I am not at work, I am at a school event!

Looks like I’ll either miss the event guys - sorry