January Community Hangout - 27 Wed 2016 at 9:00 GMT - Developer Session

Sorry friend but this time we’ll miss you!
Next January Community Hangout is scheduled for 27 Wed at 9 GMT:

Any agenda? @WillZen @Ctek @robb @davidep @giacomo @filippo_carletti

Good for me.

Just a draft of our agenda:

@Nas @stephdl @sitz @dz00te @mabeleira @apradoc @Adam @medworthy @fasttech, @GG_jr you won’t participate but you have some questions to add?
So our attendees will answer during the session and you can watch the video afterward

Everybody can add a question about NethServer development!


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I would like to know in which direction will Nethserver go.
I miss a tool to analyse the LOG files and get only errors and warnings showed. The best would be like an traffic light with green, yellow and red :smile:

Making a recap:

  • discussing development issues @Ctek
  • which direction will Nethserver go @WillZen
  • gather and discuss ideas about the Developer How-to’s that have been made. What can be improved what is missing, what should be added etc @Ctek
  • complete the series “From zero to NS developer” @Ctek
  • NethServer 7 developments updates @alefattorini
  • heading to fosdem @robb
  • bountysource and donations for reward and involve developers @alefattorini
  • NethForge directly from the software center, to give more visibility to third parties contribs and user’s life easier @dz00te
  • NethServer as a business product and then as a home product, or viceversa? @GG_jr
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Guys. just 30 mins away from our monthly hangout, do you have any question for our developers? This is the last chance :smile:
@Nas @stephdl @sitz @dz00te @mabeleira @apradoc @Adam @medworthy @fasttech, @GG_jr

yes, NethForge directly from the software, to give more visibility to third parties contribs and user’s life easier

Hello to all!

For now, just two questions:

  1. What is and what will be NethServer? or, how @WillZen asked: which direction will Nethserver go?
  2. NethServer as a business product and then as a home product, or viceversa?

Kind regards,

Thanks guys, my list is updated… you can continue to add more questions…

Can we have more explained examples from the developers regarding small tweaks on existing code ?

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Hangout is ended, as @Ctek said:

“It was a great hangout!”

Watch it and leave your feedback. Thanks very much to the participants: @filippo_carletti @giacomo @davidep @WillZen


Sorry I missed it, I was wiped out by 12:30 am. :slight_smile:

But you can watch the recording!

Right after I find an hour to watch episode 2 of the X-Files! :laughing:

I need to find time for it too!! They’re waiting for me already recorded inside my sky box.

I could watch the last 20 minutes live. And I must say the ‘shares’ discussion is a valid one. Especially what Filippo said that there must be a wll chosen sustainable solution for Nethserver, and not anything that someone would like to see be made available.
Sustainable in a way that the solution must be usable on multi platform and is scalable so when the time is there to have multi server (also a feature that will be implemented in NS7) the filesharing module can grow with NS.

Now what would be a good way of looking towards this particular module?
Would it be platform? protocol? security?
Should we stick to a ‘single-solution-fits-all’? Or would it be wise to make multiple options available?

There are already multiple options:

What I can imagine that some newer options will be considered too, like ZFS and Gluster. Especially when it comes to scalability, these are options that can be used over multiple instances of NS.

But also an integration of owncloud with home directories would be a great feature. Then standard CIFS shares can be accessed through owncloud.