Concerns about webtop

you’re wrong, please use the search feature of this community and you’ll see that webtop is actively developed (even if, ATM, no source is available)

I could be wrong but not misleading
This is the official webpage of WEBTOP ,
and this is the link that opens the download page
This link backs my statement that Webtop is not active since 2011.

I would love to hear your version supported by something concrete.

Please do not start arguing about this. It is counter productive. @ghost please read the discussion on our forums about webtop: Development of WebTop5
I am confident the webtop developers will deliver their project and integration in NS will be as seamless as any other module.
This does not mean any other feature-rich option should be served off. So, lets keep this discussion positive and see if citadel can be an addition for the NethServer project.

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Totally agree with @Stefano_Zamboni

Some of links using search:
WebTop4 and Samba4 AD on NS 7
Webtop vs sogo thinking
Activesync on WebTop
WebTop groupware on NethServer
Import PST (email, contacts and calendars) to Nethserver / Webtop 4
Development of WebTop5


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Fair enough, the only result google search came up with was their official website.
That is the most credible point one can start with, on their website the download link clearly states the date mentioned earlier 2011.
I now agree with you that webtop is still active but disagree with you on the fact that I was wrong.
Yes it is still active on Nethserver but in the eyes of everyone that is visiting their website the project’s last activity was in 2011.
By the way on the internet when searching for WEBTOP it does not state anything related to Nethserver.

Finally it is good to challenge on a subject, know many persons like me know the Webtop is still alive.

A bit of an advise, since the Webtop developers are active on the Nethserver community would be good to mention something on their website a road map or a release note …

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if you read carefully this topic:

you’ll see that your doubts are shared by others… ATM we can just trust and hope, meaning that there is no source code and no idea about licensing

Hi everyone,

please read my recent post, which may clarify some points around Webtop: