Development of WebTop5

I tried sogo and WebTop4, but I can’t realise the requirements of the company I work for with WebTop4. They want to work with Thunderbird or Outlook 2010. Sogo isn’t an option in the future, because of their repositories only for paying support customers.
So I opend this thread to get more informations about WebTop5

  • How is the current state of development
  • What are the features (i.e. CardDav / CalDav)
  • Which languages are supported (perhaps we can help to translate)

Thanks in anticipation to this great community



thanks for asking!
The current state of development is beta, and a demo for the community will be available soon.
Development of CardDav/CalDav support is under way.
Webtop5 features a brand new updated html5 interface and a more fine grained permission/acl implementation.
We will publish the language files for the community to help in translations.

I’ll keep you informed here about the demo url soon.



Thanks for your fast answer. I’m looking forward to your posts in this article.

I don’t know if it was asked before, maybe a fail2ban jail could be interesting against brute force login…or maybe Webtop can fight alone against them


You mean repeated failed login attempts?
This is a good point, we may think to implement some kind of “auto-banning” after some of these failed attempts.

There is also another included feature that you may use to force OTP after login.
You may configure OTP to trigger only if not accessing from your LAN, so public access will always require OTP, a temporary code that will be sent to an email of your choice that is accessible from your phone.


Yep I mean repeated bad login. I do prefer a fail2ban jail instead of a built in solution. At the firewall level the protection is better



Until when can one count with the version5, including the CalDAV / CardDAV support?

Can you help with the localization?

Is there a betaversion for NS7, first test …


Ehi @gerald_FS, happy to see you still around :slight_smile:
@gabriele_bulfon has already answered in some topics but it’s worth publishing a clear list of features of webtop5 and a clear roadmap. What do you think @lucag ?

I need to look for alternatives.

Since sogo is no longer fully supported, and I must in the next weeks, my server needs to re-start.

And I need to send and receive mandatory from at least two different email domains.

I need however the support for CalDAV and CardDAV, as well as widely in German (woman / children me etc …).


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Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate that! Hope we can translate webtop by transifex soon

you can do it since now, with no problems… you already have been told how, in (at least) 2 ways
I have a single smtp server and I have… 7 emails accounts with 5 different domains


I got to play with a preview of Webtop5.
Below is a list of the most important news that I could appreciate:

  • New shares management Calendars, Contacts and Tasks
  • Synchronizing by category (yes/no/read-only) in Calendars, Contacts and Tasks
  • New Import wizard for Calendar, Contact and Task
  • Desktop notifications built into the Browser
  • MAIL: Infinite Scrolling
  • MAIL: Threading and Quoting
  • MAIL: New editor of the most advanced posts
  • CALENDAR: New bi-weekly view
  • CONTACTS: New management of distribution lists
  • TASK: Graphic restructuring
  • TASK: New management states
  • CLOUD: graphic Restructuring
  • CLOUD: new mask for shares
  • CLOUD: Drag & Drop to the integrated operating system

Following are the main points of interest in the roadmap that @gabriele_bulfon can explain in more detail:

  • CardDAV and CalDAV
  • New ActiveSync protocol
  • Tablet layout and specific online version for mobile
  • LibreOffice integration

That sounds a bit bad at all!

Is there a schedule?

Localization e.g. in German :wink:

For me the syncronisation with CardDAV and CalDAV is important!


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Since this is a general topic about webtop in Nethserver I have a questrion for @gabriele_bulfon
What JDK will webtop 5be using? Is that the OpenJDK? If so, would that be version 7 or 8? Or must it use Oracle JDK?
I ask this because I am currently installing a java based application and I think it would make sense to use the same JDK.

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Hi, the prototype installations at the moment run on this:

openjdk version "1.8.0_111"
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_111-b15)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.111-b15, mixed mode)