Community badges

In this topic I’d like to explain some important badges which I have created to prove work and belonging to our community.

Today we start from these two:

How many times you already visited community?

How many badges do you achieved already?


Hi @alefattorini I have 13 Badges :slight_smile:


Good for you :wink: you’re becoming an active member!

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Today I’d like to explain these “Promote Badges”

How invite new members to community? Send invites as well-described here by @sitz


I was asking by MP something about the promoter badge and the description of this one.

And Alession invite me to share my thoughts about these badges, this thread exist, so I will continue here:

The “hierachy” is little strange at least… I saw three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold…
There are Gold badges that are achieved rapidly or easily when there are Bronze badges and Silver badges hard to obtain.

For exemple 50 consecutives attendances is Gold when 100 visits is Silver… It’s crazy to me.

On the other side, the Teams are Silver… When normally, it’s the top of the top, I think that it could be out of the tree level with another color… like the blue logo. To be clear and out of confusion.

Finally, the badges “promoter”, “campainer” and “champion” let me insatisfied the way they work:
You know that I’m trying myself before, and I think it’s on the redline in the etical point of view.
You send an email to someone, and when the guy click on the link, he enter in a Discourse page, already subscribing on the forum, with already a profile :smirk:
When I do my invitation, I prepare the contact, explain things, ask for permission… But I see that Tom23, admin of a site about self-hosting, don’t stay. He delete all. I’m asking me yet why.
I said him that it’s without compromise, without obligation… I could easily imagine that he was surprise to arrive on such page… Perhaps offended to go until deleted the pre-created profile.
I must suggest something smoother.

What do you think abouts these badges?
How can we improve the path to achieve them?

Firstly, I will suggest to adjust few numbers levels:
15 Consécutives Attendances
50 Visits
50 Posts at least

60 Consécutives Attendances ( bronze x4 )
100 Visits (bronze x2 )
100 Posts at least ( bronze x2)

180 Consécutives Attendances ( silver x3)
200 Visits ( silver x2)
200 Post at least ( silver x2 )

is it really important? I mean: are the badges really an important aspect of this place?

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I don’t really know.
At start, I was thinking that badges was childish.

But, finally, badges are a way the community mesure, qualify and quantify each member implication, or proposal.
It’s a way to see if such member is really interressed or not… If one member connect each day without posting , and another one connect one time per month just to show himself.

In other way when a newcomer ask something and there two opposites answers… It’s a way to determine what answer is more relevant, isn’t it?

Is it important?

well… let’s say that @filippo_carletti visit this site just once a month… I know he’s a really NS expert, I don’t need to know which badge he really has…

Sure, until me I don’t care how many badge @filippo_carletti has :grinning:

When he answer something, we just have the Dev Team information, that’s a big information.

Just think it’s a tool for @alefattorini see how is the community health.

Just think the possibility to like an answer, it’s a possibility to the Team to motivate a newcomer to participate more.

I think it’s important when a newcomer post for the first time, or make a proposal to receive one or more like… It’s a good way to motivate. More, yet, when the community is young and small.

Now, I said yes, it’s important.
It’s a good tool for @alefattorini to see the growth of the community, to try to mesure each community adding, and how to motivate, and finally find the right rule for the right member.

This is not just a distribution of sweets. :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


I was looking something on the original Discourse forum.
And look this: Discourse Meta

Euh, well:
8726 users ( basic)
21 Promoters
2 Campaigners
1 Champions

No need to comment, these three badges are not well implemented.

And, to continue, this subject about badges is important because behind All badges…There’s a “trust level”.

With this trust level, as suggered, more the level is elevated, more you can trust, and more you can do thing in Discourse:

On average, in every community there is the 90-9-1 rule. This means that of 100% members, 90% is more or less inactive and only reads, 9% is active and posts regularly and 1% is a community promoter.

Maybe it would be nice if the badges give a more or less accurate image of these percentages in the community. The challenge is to get the active and promoter percentages above average.

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As we already seen, the badges are on way to build it’s own reputation, earning trust levels.

Normally, you can see all the badges here: ( the hamburguer menu / Badges )

But I had observed some details that are beyond this. like “ModuleMaster”, “Nethserver Fidelis”…
What are these “badges”, how to reach them? :smile:

You can’t understand “Modules Master” without reading this :wink:

@alefattorini was inspired that day :smile:


It was before or after THE photo ( the photo use to celebrate the CMGR birthday):smile:

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@Jim I have just reviewed the badges,

That’s the only I have changed, too hard to achieve, now it’s 100 days

I notice that these badges appear achieved only by a few members:

  • Filled user profile information
  • Added an internal link to another topic
  • Shared a post
  • Read the community guidelines

So just a few people can reach the getting started level = Achieved all Getting Started Level badges

What do you think about adding manual badges for:

  • great discussion starter
  • great contributor
  • great idea/feature creator
  • great doc editor

Every community digest I may award members with such badges, how’s that?

@apradoc have you thoughts on this topic?

No, thank you…
funny pics, badges and so on are really “childish” things if not fonfined in a small section of the forums…

this kind of things make professional users think that this is a place for children…

I don’t think, don’t forget it’s a gold badges

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