Command line from web UI (Server Manager)

Would you find it useful to have a command line in the server-manager gui?
I’d like to have it, but, at the same time, I fear abuse and possible damage.
Maybe we could protect it with an additional password, or we could leave it open for root suggesting how to delegate some panel to less privileged users.
Time for a poll for a new feature request? :smile:


Why not? Let’s start a new discussion using “Reply as a linked topic” action on the right so that we can gather feedback from our members :wink:

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idea is great but in some extend owfull for those who ask what is root console . So if u want to do this make NoVNC connection thought WEB UI :wink:

thumb down for me… giving CLI access is a bad idea IMHO

We’ll have the command line in Server Manager when the Server Manager is based on Cockpit :slight_smile:

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@filippo_carletti I would like to have a command line in the server-mamager GUI.

One reason for me to try Nethserver is the GUI. I am not a expert with Linux and I will need a longe time to get all this knowledge to do it from the command line. Nethserver offered the possibility to have a server without the necessarity to step in depply in Linux. :smile:

you don’t need a CLI at most… almost any/all tasks are available from web GUI… CLI is necessary only in rare cases

so, IMVHO, you can safely ignore CLI ATM :wink:

Thank you for the clarification. If everything works fine I don’t need to work from the commad line. This is a relief :smile:

Start from a project like shellinabox might be interesting, who would like to give a try?

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What about webmin running along side of NS? Or would that be redundant?

Check discussions about webmin here on community, in a nutshell, we don’t love webmin on NethServer :smile:

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This tool seems quite cool. Thanks for the tip

If you try it, please share your notes so that we could think about it

@stephdl is trying to develop a solution :smile: