What does it mean Root's console, command line?

In the manual are some reference to use the root’s console or the command line to exectude a command. Does it mean I have to work direct on the server or can I do it remotely from another computer or via internet?
If yes, how can I do it?
I can’t find a command line in the NethServer GUI.







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Hi @WillZen you can work both locally, behind the system console, and remotely through an SSH connection. Both methods are good.

As you experienced, there is (still) no command line in the Server Manager (NethServer GUI).

The links from @AbsyntH are very good points to begin with.

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@AbsyntH and @davidep Thank you for the information . Th links are helpful and I will read it later.
I have the fealing my questen was not clear. I couldn’t understand waht I have to do to work from a root’s console or a command line. If I am right than I have following opten:
1 I go to the server und work direct on it.
2 I open a SSh connection from a remote computer. Sorry, I don’t know how I do this.

Sorry. I did know what a root’s console is but I couldn’t figure out what exat I have to do. My headline was misleading.