CentOS 6.8 is out, updates are available

Who tested it?

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The Badlock issue has been corrected?
I’m checked the changelog, but no mention for the CVE-2016-2118…

The patch has been released from the samba.org, but i dont know for the centOS…

i will test from my test env… after this i will post again.
Sorry for the weak english =P

Quoting from the announcement:

There are many fundamental changes in this release, compared with the
past CentOS Linux 6 releases

AFAIK, yes. I did one test on my server in production.
I’d like you to confirm my findings.

I just update the test environment I have the 6.7 and everything is apparently ok with samba.

I will update my production system, anything, I help you. LoL


Tomorrow we’ll attempt NethServer 6.8 beta1 ISO build.

This is our checklist:

Everyone can install upstream updates from centos 6.8 on NethServer 6.7. We suggest testing them before attempting the upgrade of a production environment. I bet there will not be any issue though! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The ISO is ready! You can download it from .torrent (490MB) before the official announce (/cc @alefattorini @quality_team ).


Good news! I need to work on it, give me a few days :slight_smile:

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stuck at 99.8%…

The seed machine seems ok :frowning: Do you have any hint? What could I check?

Do you want to try stopping+starting again the download?

You can also check the sourceforge link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/nethserver/files/nethserver-6.8-beta1-x86_64.iso/download


A lot of updates/upgrades (changelog stats. 153 pkgs, 98 source pkgs, 98 changelogs) in Software center (NS 6.7 final), only 2 for NethServer.

Between all these, there is also the upgrade to CentOS 6.8 from RedHat.

Because still we cannot select which update/upgrades to be made, it’s ok to make all of them? There are known issues for NS 6.7 (final) to work on CentOS 6.8?

I saw one issue ( Hylafax configuration bug ).

My NS 6.7 (final) is in production as email server and I don’t want to upgrade to NS 6.8 beta1 yet, but I want to keep it up-to-date.


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We updated yesterday (all packages) and after two days of full use we had no major problems. (Just a small issue with Hylafax configs).
Samba seems to be fixed as we had no login issues.




Thank you Massimo!
I will proceed to updates!


@GG_jr , I forgot to mention : I did a reboot after the updates.

Just in case …


Hello Massimo,

Thank you!
Me too!
After over 20 years with Windows it’s hard not to do this!:slight_smile:



No issues till now.
After upgrade I have installed Fail2Ban by @stephdl and works fine.

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While I rarely do it, I’d like to reboot after a full system upgrade.
The most important reason is to check that the system boots regularly, avoiding the risk of discovering issues in an emergency after a crash.
Honestly, I don’t recall experiencing such a problem in many years, that’s why I usually avoid the post upgrade reboot.
Moreover, I usually examine the kernel changelog and reboot if the new kernel fixes something really important.
Having a predefined window for maintenance helps a bit.

What about updates like the latest glibc ( I think that was it) that demand a reboot? I’ve never been clear on why a process restart isn’t sufficient.

Updating glibc requires restarting pretty everything, so a reboot is simpler.

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Just for Info: Updated everything on Wednesday including kernel update and reboot.
No Problems. Everything works fine.

Have a nice weekend all together. :grin:


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