Call for test Stephdl modules

We have a huge list of amazing modules which need tests
I’d like to move them on stable and tested status, who’d like to help? Are you interest in one of them?
This is a brief search:

/cc @giacomo, @davidep, @filippo_carletti, @alep, @stephdl, @Stll0, @vcc, @mabeleira, @medworthy, @dz00te, @fasttech, @GG_jr, @Adam

just to make a (not so) small recap before start tests:

stephdl web:
nethserver-ddclient * OK @EddieA @medworthy

dz00te repo:
nethserver-transmission OK @dz00te
nethserver-glances @dz00te
nethserver-ddclient * OK @EddieA @medworthy
nethserver-password !!

nethforge 6.7:

lost (?):


  • stephdl website has an updated version
    !! integrated inside nethserver-directory

note 2:
tnx @stephdl

I bet they are all stable :sunglasses: but just to be sure i’ll start to test them from nethserver-transmission
any help or feedback from users of contribs it’s appreciated :slight_smile: :pray:


I’m running ddclient from the Stephdl repository and it’s working perfectly for my provider, Zone Edit.



Thanks @EddieA for your feedback, so ddclient is production-ready :wink:

Thanks dz00t3 for your test, I’d like to move this amazing stuff on the forge

What do you think to give more visibility to the forge showing a menu to activate the NethForge directly from the software center!?
People check it and see the list of modules from the forge, similar to the list above. /cc @giacomo @davidep @stephdl

Well, Zone Edit is only one of the eighteen providers supported. But all the common parts of the package appear to work correctly.

But I did see earlier, when this was first released, a few other folks saying it was working.


yes i agree, and to be honest i don’t understand why that menu/label for nethforge is not yet there :grin:
but for the modules to put inside, i guess that only @stephdl (or any new contributor) can tell if he want to put his contrib in nethforge or in some other places.

btw, transmission is ok

tnx for your report

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I can report that ddclient also works well with FreeDNS (


NethForge is now visible from Software Center, what are we missing to move everything on it? @stephdl how can we sort it out?

This is good for end users but not enough for contributors. How far are you ready to go now for them.

For now the system i saw concerning the release of rpm to nethforge is still closed and i do love to decide which rpm can be released or not, without any controls.

This is why I created my own repository some years ago now…The taste of freedom is unforgettable.

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Sorry man I’m a bit confused. Why are you telling me about “closed” and “freedom”? When months ago I proposed you as the man of the NethForge? :slight_smile:
The man who can decides what can stay on the forge and what not.
In my opinion you’re the right man given your expertize
For me, stuff on NethForge have to be stable enough for not breaking the system… And @dz00te @giacomo @davidep can help you to check this. I want a unique place for the “stable” modules and YOU can set the rules. Let me know what do you think.

I’m ready to give to you the admin access on the forge (as I told before). I hope, you would like to do it! :pray:

Absolutely, I can help check the modules.

Just to clarify my point of view: I don’t like and I don’t wont to maintain the NethForge. I really really wold like the NethForge would be totally a community effort! :smile:

Actually the NethForge is hosted inside the repomaster machine which is
The machine is provisioned using an ansible playbook, which currently is not public, but I think we can move it to github (am I right, @davidep?).
The machine is already configured with two levels of NethForge access:

  • normal developers can publish only on nethforge-testing
  • admins can publish directly to nethforge-updates

These are my proposals:

  • we can continue to use the same machine for the NethForge: anyone who wants to contribute, should send his/her own SSH public key and we will grant the access. If someone wants to be admin, he/she will be added to admins groups
  • we can move the forge to a totally new machine and configure the entire system together
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Thanks i will be back at home next week…now on roaming trip…@+

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Have a nice holiday…and much beer! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I’m thinking loudly, if you can give some answers

there is an open(ed) process for pushing rpm to nethforge, but I recall that if you want to see the rpm available in the software panel you must modify something (the ‘comps’ or something else).

  • does the comps is ‘freely’ modifiable by contributors
  • if not, can it be imagined something in this way.

Actually it is talking to push rpm, but not srpm, I would be interested to know if it is not more secure with a builder (self hosted or at which fetchs srpm or sources. At least we can be sure that the rpm could be built on the major part of other servers and not only on the developer’s one who did the code.

I think NethForge admins should be granted write access on NethForge comps. Others should open PR.

The machine allows pushing SRPMs too

I’ll glance at it :wink:

Edit: yeah, I’ve seen it in the past. I wouldn’t run a build service on my own, they are very complex and we don’t need to recompile arch packages. NethServer packages are small and noarch.

As alternative we could ask CentOS guys to use their build system.

This is an other reason to have two stages today (testing, updates). Any dev can build and push to testing, whilst only admins can rebuild verified rpms and push them to updates.

ok, but I guess that you don’t automatically build it ???

Of course, no. They are resigned and moved into SPackages dirs, i.e.

I played a bit with and it is really fun…of course yet i need to puch a specific mock configuration. Maybe it is possible only with a session installed by our own.

You push a srpm or files and it is done.

From what i recall if you want to build on the server of centos you must be in a sig…and they were not so much interested by projects like ns, clearos, sme.

It is possible that we are future competitors of the next centos (with a functional cockpit) and it is a political reason to block all progress :slight_smile:


Does it accept a remote git repository?

I believe it should